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Our online shop offers a wide range of Durags. Our products are made of high quality fabrics.
Our different Durags are not only used for waves or for haircare, but also as a fashionable hair accessory.

durags for GIRLS

Discover our durags for girls long enough to wrap around your head ! With our many patterns you can add style to your outfits.

durags for MEN

Discover the best durags for men: easy to tie, in quality materials and available in many colors. Perfect for being stylish !

Buy online our new DO-RAGS

Check our new headwears perfect for hudge and small heads with due to a high quality textile that will fits perfectly with the shape of your head. Wear it now for looking fresh and taking their girl/man today !


We propose breathable and sleek satin fabric durag for protecting your waves during all the day (and also the night !). They are designed to be comfortable and stylish.

silk durag


Stop wearing polyester durags that will absorb the products on your hair ! Wear a silk durag perfect for keeping safe and don’t damage your braids and waves !


Made in 100% velvet, those durags are thick and heavy. The interior of these durags aren’t in polyester but they are silky with a high quality velvet fabric ! 


You may find it difficult to express your style and what you really want. You can show your style through our different Durags. Men or women, young or adult, have a quick view on our new arrivals. You can have a large choice and do not hesitate to bring out the style in you!


Fond of black color?
This type of Durag is for you! Designed from high quality fabrics. It is smooth, fashionable and perfect for all types of waves.


Do you want a shiny appearance?
Do you want to show or improve your hairstyle? This blue Durag is perfect for you. Show your style and adopt this fashion accessory


Red color is known as as a healthy, vigorous and courageous color. Choose this red Durag with long wide straps for a better compression. Place your order and be ready to tie your durag!


Pink Durag for 360 wave! You can use it for your personal hair care or for showing your style.
It is also a perfect gift for a birthday or any other celebration. Do not hesitate to place your order now!

THEY WEAR OUR headscarfs

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My name is Robert and I am 35 years old. Recently, I have heard of durag-shop.co. Some of my friends told me about it and I decided to have a look. I bought a velvet Durag here just as a hair accessory and now my Durag and I are inseparable. I think of buying another one. My hair is becoming smoother and smoother. If you want to have luxurious appearance like me, I suggest you this site. Their velvet Durags are made of pure velvet and are the best!


I am an athletic and using headscarves are necessary for me. I have been wearing Durags for years now but I find satin Durags from durag-shop.co exceptional. Its satin Durags are very breathable, I really feel at ease when I wear it. Besides, it is made from high quality fabrics, which stop sweat from dripping my eyes when I practice running.


I have braids and I use a silk Durag from durag-shop.co while sleeping to maintain them. In addition, it is absorbent. I have also tried it for waves and it gave an excellent hair compression. The waves were perfect. I totally recommend silk Durags from durag-shop.co


New hair accessory? Why not try our Durags?

The originality of our design, the selected colors, the high quality fabrics and materials we choose for our Durags, bring you perfection in all ways.

Whatever your purpose might be, we have the perfect Durags for you!

Discover now our new arrivals in Silk, Velvet and Satin Durags!

How to wear a durag ?

How to wear a durag

Got a new DURAG for the first time, But don’t know how to wear it? Then keep scrolling down because it’s the guide for you. This guide contains knowledge about different durags and different ways and methods of wearing it. What is a Durag [Doo rag]:- Durag is a cap or…

How to put on a Durag

A Durag is a type of headband or bandana worn primarily by African-Americans. It’s a great way to keep your hair back (primarily while climbing), and they’re also known to keep you cooler. When it comes to wearing a Durag, the possibilities are endless. You can wear…

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Welcome to durag-shop.co! Our website offers you a great variety of durags at affordable prices. Our inventory consists of different variants of brand new durags, so that any person could find the best fit for them at the best price! We offer our customers to buy durag online without the much utilization of time and efforts for search. Also we are not going to skimp on customer good service or let down after buying – if you have any problems with your product we will promptly resolve them.


Why choose us?

There are innumerable durag selling websites on the internet. What makes us unique are the following reasons:

Over 100 Different Durags

Our shop offers a range of over 100 different durag styles. These include: knee length durags, long durags, medium durags, short durags and durags available in different colors, fabrics, designs, textures and features. Our talented team of designers is dedicated to bringing you a wide assortment of styles, designs, and colors of durags at low cost.


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Durag-Shop.co is the best place to shop for durag that are made of high quality material and are available at affordable rates. We offer the best durags that are perfect for any occasion. Moreover, you can also get amazing discounts on the durags during various festive seasons. Our online store helps customers to find durag that they want at their doorstep. Customers will get all types of Durags in our online store that are of stunning design, style, and comfort.


Full Customer Support

At durag-shop.co, our quality and customer satisfaction is the top most priority of our team. We try to assist all our customers in case they have any queries or problems. We dedicate ourselves to solve each and every problem coming from any customer. During the purchase, a customer is well informed about when his product will be delivered because we work upon the provided time frame. Solutions are found instantly when a customer approaches us for the query.


What are the different types of durags offered by us?

At durag-shop.co, we offer over 100 different types of durag products. Some of them include:


Colored Durags

With our variety of colors and styles, it’s easy to find colored durags that match your unique style. Our durable durags are designed with premium-quality fabric, providing optimum comfort and flexibility for a long day of relaxing or training at the gym. We ensure that each durag is expert-crafted to perfection, so that you can wear them proudly as an extension of your unique