white durag

Experience the magic of our white durag collection, a proud addition to our eCommerce store. Our variety of durags is bound to satisfy your style needs and comfort. Our selection is broad, catering to everyone with a taste for fashion and quality.

Materials: From Velvet to Satin and Silk

Our white durag collection is a fusion of style and comfort, available in premium velvet, silky satin, and luxurious silk. Every durag in our collection is made from high-quality materials designed for both durability and a soft touch on your skin.

Product Variety

  • Premium Velvet Durag: This white durag, made from soft and lush velvet, adds a touch of luxury to your style.
  • Silky Satin Durag: With its smooth texture, this white satin durag is perfect for those who want comfort with their style.
  • White Silk Durag: The silk durag provides a sleek and sophisticated look with a shiny finish.

Unique Product Features

Each white durag in our collection comes with long, wide tails, and extra long straps for an easy and comfortable fit. They're satin-lined to ensure minimal friction on your hair, maintaining its health and shine.

For Everyone: Men and Women Alike

Whether you're a man looking for a neat wave or a woman wanting to protect your hair, our white durag collection has got you covered. These durags are designed with everyone in mind, combining comfort and style seamlessly.

Pricing and Offers

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