Velvet Durag

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Hairstyling has become our daily matter. We can show it by using different hat caps, skull caps as well as multifunctional hair accessories. One of those is Durag. But what is a Durag? This is a kind of tight headscarf/headwrap used mainly for having a sense of fashion statement. There are many kinds of Durags such as silky, silk, velvet, mesh, satin, bandana, but here we will talk about Velvet Durag. In this article, you will know all about velvet Durags.

Description of Velvet Durag:

What is a velvet Durag?

One thing we need to consider when talking about a velvet Durag is first its fabric. What is it made of? It is not like the other form-fitting headbands which are mostly made of only one quilting. This type of headgear is made of two different turbans, the outside is made of velvet fabric and inside is made of silky satin. Satin is made of both polished glitter (top) and flat (back) sides. This spandex does not last longer than velvet in terms of durability. Yet they are textured and sewn together to make your h airstyle perfect inside and make you look luxurious outside. On the other side, people often confound velvet textile with velour fabric and velveteen apparel. Velour is made of organic cotton fabric, plush, which are somehow thickbut also stretchy. Velvet is more crushed, cut and woven. Some velvet are made from polyester and others not. The other headwears are made from pure velvet cloth with shinny satin, rayon or silk. These skull scarves have longer piles than one-size hats. Velvet is not elastic but thicker than other do-rags.

Why a velvet Durag?

What exactly does a velvet Doo rag do for us? This is the best in terms of curling, waving or other hair styling. This unisex skull-cap is the smoothest and its appearance is the coolest. If you want to style your curls or waves, this one is the best options among the other bandanas. Besides, velvet prevents from hair damage. Velvet Durags are now more popular than others. If you like luxurious appearance, choose this type of head shawl. It can also keep you hear warm when the weather is cold. The interior of the velvet Durag is incredibly great for waves because it compresses the hair more than other kerchiefs and chiffons and it is breathable for your head. If you choose silk fabric or upholstery fabric you may get nice wavy hair but velvet Durag waves are better looking.

Who can wear it?

You may wonder if you can wear it or not. You may ask whether it is for men or women. Nowadays, this head covering is becoming more and more famous and fashionable. Originally from African-american Black culture, very soon velvet Durags are used as baseball-caps for its advantageous for managing sweat. Thus, uncountable people adopt wearing them just because they see the advantages of having these sensational rags in their wardrobe. Also, for hair extensions, full lace wigs,  hair wigs or synthetic hair/wigs, you can adopt velvet fabrics sweatband.  So, leave the hesitation! If you think you need to wear one, feel free to use it. 

More details to consider about velvet Durag

When to wear it?

Now you are decided to wear a velvet Durag but you just do not know when to wear it. Let me tell you that if you want a great compression for waves, you’d better tie it before going to sleep and wear it during the night for a better result. It is okay if you don’t add a headbandwith it and do not tie it too much to be more comfortable while sleeping. For those who have dreadlocks, it will prevent frizz and lint to attack your hear when you sleep.

You can also wear it during the day just as a fashion accessory or to protect your scalp and hair from different damage caused by the sun, wind or other factors.

How should a velvet Durag be worn?

Tying a velvet Durag is very simple. Just make sure you follow these following instructions:

  • First, lay correctly the velvet Durag on your head. Put on the hair scarf to get an asymmetrical shape from the middle of your head. Put it just on your forehead, above your eyebrows, and do not let any hair out. 
  • Wrap the strings of the head covering behind your head. 
  • Take the extremities and pull the two behind your head. Pull each string backward respecting the left side and the other side. The strings should be placed behind the ears.
  • Cross the strings on the front part of your head. Bring it back behind your head and then to the front. Wrap them once more to the back of your head. 

How to wash it?

It is important to wash your velvet Durag regularly to prevent from scalp orskin diseases , which we can catch when it is too dirty. These are what we need to consider when washing it:

  • You can use any mild soap.
  • You would hand wash it.
  • Wash it as if you are washing a soft silk.
  • Make sure you get clear water before it is finished.

Where to buy it?

Ready to improve your hairdo? There are many ways to purchase velvet Durags. You can purchase it in local shops and also online. Among the numerous marketplaces, we find online, there is a special Durag shop I would like to introduce to you today.This is a recommended shop because their velvet Durags are made of 100% velvet without polyester but silky with a high quality velvet fabric. Besides, they have new arrivals now about hand-tied velvet Durags. Why don’t you have a quick view on it?