satin durag

Cat years,hair clips,bandanas,barrettes,headbands or any otherhair ties, they are all hair accessories. They are textured in different colors but the most popular remainrose gold,lilac,fuchsia,floral-print,charcoal,polka-dot,leopard andturquoise. What about alustrous deluxe unisex head covering which is suitable for bothmen andwomen, also known asDoo rags? Ouronline has a wide range ofdo-rags that you can purchase immediately such as Velvet Durags, Silk Durags andSatin Durags. Today, I am going to talk about his last that I have mentioned,satin Durags. What are the advantages of buyingsatin head wraps at our store and how are you going to use them?

The advantages of buying a satin Durag?

What is a satin Durag made of?

Who hasn’t ever window shopped afashion fabric store and ever been attempted to buy somedesigner fabrics? It can beprint fabric,fleece fabric,dress fabric orknit fabric,silk fabric and especiallysatin fabric.Sateen sash textile is the most interesting of all. In your wardrobe, I think at least you have onesatin dress. And talking about Durags, it is always the same. We often prefer acharmeuse sheen spandex for our rags. 

 Asatin Durag is manufactured withsatin weave. This apparel is also calledsilky Durag. It is made of different fabrics such aspolyester satin,silk satin,nylon,rayonorwool.

Thisflannel islighter in weight and is elastic.

Other satinheadwears are made fromcotton satin frompure cotton fibres.

Stretch satin does not havefur as it haslinen crepe andmatte texture.

Satin head wraps can be also add some other materials such aspure silk,tulle andfleece weaving.

Satin Durags arecooler if compared tosilk Durags which are warmer.

What is a satin Durag made for?

Many among us want to keep aretro styling. Others want somenovelty inhairstyles but remain soreflective and are not sure about usingsatin skull caps. Here I am going to tell you some of the numerous advantages of having oneskinny satin headpiece.

    • Asatin Durag is a very good example offashion statement. So if you want to lookglossy,shiny, luxurious and glamourous, do not hesitate to buy one You can associate thissatin bonnet with otherfashion accessories likeheels, jackets orhats. You may be amazed but people wear it evenfor wedding. Doesn’t it make sense? 
    • Thishairband is also made for creating and maintaining360 bows hairstyleand at the same time it avoids your hair tofrizz. And, you can find somedraping and pillowcases couture which are made withsatin fabric to prevent you fromsweating while sleeping. You have the option of not wearing asweatband if you have that.
    • Besides,satin hair band is an excellent help for those who havehair loss issues because it promotes arapid hair growth.
    • Satin-weave absorbs heat if you like exposing yourself to sunlight.
    • And,satin headband rags are the best to maintainbraids and dread locks while sleeping.
    • Moreover, this is aperfect hair straightener without heat, which is a major source ofhair and scalp damage. Thus, it represents a key solution to hair issues.
    • Your hair becomeshealthy and smooth because it stops themoisture fromhair evaporation and any othercamouflage.
    • Also known asAthletic caps,satin Durags are perfect for athletics to tie their hair down and to stopsweat from disturbing the eyes.
  • It is also a great help for riders/bikers
  •  to prevent from excess of sweat.

    • You can even sleep peacefully withponytails andbuns with asatin Durag.
    • And most of all, it improves yourhair texture.

    The uses of satin Durags:

    How to tie them?

    Having different styles, one can loveupholstery quilted fabric, other likesembroidery/crochet or striped stocking, another one may likescrunchies or pleated ribbon. Our personal likes and dislikes does not have any effect on how wetie satin Durags and how it couldbe worn andknotted. We have a common way ofknotting them. 

    1. Do your regular haircare,brush/comb your hair andhydrate it.
    2. Place thesatin Durag on your head.
    3. Make sure the center of the Durag is placed at the center of your head.
    4. The front edge should be placed between thehairline and theeyebrow that is on yourforehead
    5. Wrap the tails around your head.
    6. You canknot them down theskull or have themupward.

    You can wear it as long as you can but not tootight otherwise it will be difficult tountie them and you may have aheadache.

    Do not forget towash yoursatin Durag regularly. They are easilyhand washed.

    How to select the best satin Durags?

    1. Talking aboutsatin Durags, the first thing we need to take into consideration is your need. What type ofsatin turban do you like? Know your style first. 
    2. Then, check thesatin Durag that is good for yourhair type. So before selecting the bestsatin Durag for your hair, know yourhair type first. That is including yourhair porosity.
    3. Choose astretchy and reversible satin head scarf because it is alwaysbreathable.
    4. Check theseams position if it is on the top or inside. Having it inside is not good for waves.
    5. Finally, check the strap type. There are three types of ties:Velcro, large scrap and standard scrap. The large scrapss are recommended if you want to sleep at ease. The standard scraps are better if you have a sensitiveforehead and want to avoidtight compression. TheVelcro are perfect for 360 waves.

    Wearing a Durag is not always a symbol of gangsters and criminals. Wearing a satin Durag is now a fashion statement, a sign ofvalue and luxury and verystylish. OurOne- size satin Durags are made from premiumquality satin fabric. Do not wait to place an order and we will offer the satin Durag of your choice. 

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