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Finding trouble to choose the rightdoo rag for you? You want to wear a sewn head chiffon but you do not know which color to buy? Do not worry! durag-shop.cohas awide variety ofcoloured unisex durags that you can choose. All of ourhead wraps are stylish and textured perfectly for yourhairstyle. One of them is ourblue durags. In this article, allow me to tell you more about ouravailable blue durags.

Basic information about our blue durags:

Which fabric do we use for our blue durags:

To start with, it is important to note that ourblue duragsare available in three types:

    •  Insilk durag: made of puresilk fabric.
    • Invelvet durag: made ofpure stretchy velvet textile plus silky turbans.
    • Insatin durag:made of rayon, nylon and woven materials.

So it is up to you to decide the right one for you. Yet, feel free to purchase the three of them to get a great discount on the shipping. So, why don’t you cease this opportunity and discover ourstylish blue durags?

What can our blue durags bring to you?

Before purchasing, you need to know what the benefits of buying a blueskullcap ondurag-shop.coare.

        • You need to know first that due to thehigh quality fashion fabrics and materials we use to produce ourblue durags, they are perfect for protecting your hair and your scalp from any damage caused by the wind or the sun. Thus, it isexcellent for natural hair growth.
        • They are efficient forwave creationdue to itsgood compression. Nevertheless, it is also anexcellent way to straighten your hair and to bring it smoother.
        • They are excellent for athletics. They help you to concentrate more on your activity for theircapability to absorb sweat and to keep hair down.
        • Another benefit to consider is also itsmultifunction. Our bluehead wrapsare suitable for all ages and genders. No need to worry about that.
        • And last not least because it is among the best benefits of wearing our blue durags, there is no specific time and place to wear it. It means that you can wear it at any moment you want, at night or during the day. Also, if you decide to walk around, going to a party or attending a meeting, they are suitable for any place.

Practical description of our blue durags:

 How to tie it?

Just like our other durags, our blue durags have similar shapes with long straps. So here I am going to give you the same information as how to type our black durags.

          • First, choose theblue durag you want to tie and place it on your head. Make sure you place the middle of the durag in the middle of your head. Place it just down until yourforehead and keep your hair inside the durag.
          • Second,wrap the strings of the durag behind your head. Pull each of them backward respecting both sides.
          • Third, bring the strings in the front of your head. Make sure you do not hide your ears with theblue durag. Always, put the durag behind your ears.
          • Fourth, wrap them once again to the back, front and again, to the back. Do nottighten

it too much. You may encounter difficultyuntying it later and you may as well have a headache if youtightenit too much.

          •  Finally, you canknot it in your own ways. You can have it double knotted if you like. You can also fold the flap if necessary.

 How to wash it?

To wash yourblue durag, you have to adopt the easiest method.

          • Take cool water and immerse your blue durag in it.
          • You can use detergent but I also suggest you use anymild soap.
          • Gently clean it until there is no more dirt.
          • Make sure you rinse it with running water until it is completely clean.
          • Dry it in acool place.


These are some information about ourblue durags. Do not hesitate to place an order for ournew blue durags.