black durag

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As amultifunctional color, black is alwaysfashionable for any hairaccessory. Ourunisex black Durags are suitable for any use at any time. Here, we have three types of blackflexfit Doo rags that you can purchase immediately. Here are the details about our availablenovelty in black Durags


Description of our black durags:

Black silk Durags:

Are you fond ofsilk fabrics? You have come to the right place. Here ondurag-shop.cowe have the exact blacksilk skull scarves for you. We produce our blacksilk do-rag from 100% silk. They are ideal for hair protection. As being made frompure silk, they areodorless and hypoallergenic.

Our blacksilk kerchief is also perfect for360 wave creation.

If you need ahair accessory to keep youstylish, purchase our product. For sure, you will be satisfied more than you expect.

Our blacksilk wrap scarfhas the sametexture on both sides. As amultifunctional color, anyone can wear it. Athletics can wear it while exercising. It keeps yourhair downand stops sweat from dripping in your eyes. Thus, it reduces eye infection from sweat. The only thing you need to worry about about this blackterry-cloth is keeping it fresh and clean before use. It does not need a washing machine. Only hand wash it softly to keep it clean , fresh and ready to use.


Black velvet Durag:

Do you find it hard to look for the suitableskinny headscarf to keep your head warm when it is cold?  Are you looking for the perfect  type ofbest-seller black durag to treat yourhair and scalp from any other damage related to that? Or do you need ahead wrap for yourhairstyle fashion statement? Ourblack velvet durag is the best for you! Compared to ourblack silk durag, ourblack velvet durag isheavier and warmer., ourblack handmade velvet skull cap is made of100% velvet without polyester but silky with a high quality velvet fabric. In addition, we have new arrivals onblack velvet durag. You can have it morestyling and textured if you fit it with shorts or skirts. You can also have a hat on thishead shawl.


Black satin Durag:

Do you like alustrous or glitter appearance? Do you want to feel comfortable while protecting your hair? Ourrelaxed-fit black satin durag is excellent for you. Being made of rayon, nylon and woven materials, you can wear thismultifunctional durag for any purpose all along the day. Whether in a meeting or at work, this black color gives astylish look.

We cannot deny all the benefits the sports players can get through wearing it. Many athletics wear it now becausesatin is so absorbent and breathable for the head. Also, itpromotes hair growth as it is elastic especially for those who are bald or have a hair loss issue.  And as I stated, it is breathable if you decide to wear it overnight. And just like the other black durags that I have described earlier, it is also preferable if you hand wash it with a mild soap.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order for a black satin head scarf from our online


How to tie our black durags?

You may wonder how our black durags can be worn. Whether you choose ourblack silk durag or our black velvet headwear or else, ourblack satin head wrap, the method of knitting them can always be the same. Here is one of ourtutorials.

-         First, choose theblack durag you want to tie and place it on your head. Make sure you place the middle of the durag in the middle of your head. Place it just down until yourforehead and keep your hair inside the durag.

-         Second,wrap the strings of the durag behind your head. Pull each of them backward respecting both sides.

-         Third, bring the strings in the front of your head. Make sure you do not hide your ears with theblack durag. Always, put the durag behind your ears.

-         Fourth, wrap them once again to the back, front and again, to the back. Do nottighten it too much. You may encounter difficultyuntying it later and you may as well have a headache if youtightenit too much.

-         Finally, you canknot it in your own ways. You can have it double knotted if you like. You can also fold the flap if necessary.


As a conclusion,, is like a golden niche where you can find the best black durags of all times. They are all made of high quality fabrics, only for your satisfaction! Do not wait any longer, place an order for our black durags before it is out-of-stock.