pink durag

When we talk about fashion fabric, we often think of skirts, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, drapery, hair clips, sunglasses or any other dress fabric in which every color is a matter. Due to that, does not stop giving its visitors and customers novelty in unisex fashionable hair accessories, more exactly about doo rags. We have several colors in Durags but today, let us focus a little more on our Pink and fushia handmade head wraps. Texturedfrom our designer fabric, our skull caps remain irresistible for both men and women. Let us see the differences between our pink do-rags and then how our attractive sparkling pink durags are worn.

The differences between our pink durags: 

Anyone knows that pink color is a symbol of love, tenderness, friendship, affection. Many of us like pink color. See now the different spandex we have manufactured for our skull rags.

Pink velvet Durag:

Compared to our pink silk durag, our pink velvet durag is heavier and warmer. On, our black handmade velvet skull cap is made of 100% velvet without polyester but silky with a high quality velvet fabric. Draw profit of our new pink velvet durag. You can have it in more styling and textured apparels. You can also have a hat on this head shawl. It is excellent for hair and scalp protection for its softness.

Pink satin Durag:

Do you like a lustrous or glitter appearance? Do you want to feel comfortable while protecting your hair? Our relaxed-fit pink satin durag is excellent for you. Being made of rayon, nylon and woven materials, you can wear this multifunctional durag for any purpose all along the day. Whether in a meeting or at work, this black color gives a stylish look.

We cannot deny all the benefits the sports players can get through wearing it. Many athletics wear it now because satin is so absorbent and breathable for the head. Also, it promotes hair growth as it is elastic especially for those who are bald or have a hair loss issue. And as I stated, it is breathable if you decide to wear it overnight. And just like the other black durags that I have described earlier, it is also preferable if you hand wash it with a mild soap.

Pink silk Durags:

Are you fond of silk fabrics? You have come to the right place. Here on we have the exact black silk skull scarves for you. We produce our black silk do-rag from 100% silk. They are ideal for hair protection. As being made from pure silk, they are odorless and hypoallergenic.Our pink silk kerchief is also perfect for 360 wave creation.

Our pink silk wrap scarfhas the same texture on both sides. As a multifunctional color, anyone can wear it. Athletics can wear it while exercising. It keeps your hair downand stops sweat from dripping in your eyes. Thus, it reduces eye infection from sweat. The only thing you need to worry about about this black terry-cloth is keeping it fresh and clean before use. It does not need a washing machine. Only hand wash it softly to keep it clean , fresh and ready to use.

How to tie pink durags fast?

- Tie the tails of the skinny do-rag together.

- Keep it in your hands and make a twofold hitch with the closes of the tails, so that they like a circle and you will have the portion that covers the head at one conclusion and the hitch on the other side.

- You can cut off little pieces from each conclusion after you have tied them together. Place the headkerchief on your head. Most people prefer to part it upward so that it does not leave any marks on the hair. However, you can have it folded down if you want to add great appeal to the top.

- Wrap the tails around your head. Pull the curl formed by the tails of the headscarf towards the back of the head.

- Turn it. This will naturally bring them back to the front of your head and wrap them around your forehead. When you use this technique, the tails are actually like ropes, rather than flattened like strips of cloth. Since the knots are already tied, there is no further action required on the tight bonnet, tails.

- Attach the flap to your head. Take the flap in one hand and use the other to tie it into a knot. I should practically look like a ponytail made from fabric.

- After that, you can tighten the flap and tie it under the Durag in question.

- By adopting this technique, your scarf tie should be very comfortable and you can easily run your finger between the knots and the part that covers your head.

- Untie the knots if necessary. You can untie the knots if you are just spending time at home or about to go to bed. However, this will give you a sloppy appearance and may prevent you from sleeping.