silk durag

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Have you ever worn afashion accessory which is notsuitable for you? Are you looking fornovelty inhair accessories? Are you tired of hairclips, dying your hair and want totry head coverings? I want to tell you that you have come to the right can help you for that. Having aquick view on this website will change your way ofknotting yourhair. We have a large variety ofDurags. One of those isSilk Durag. In this article, we are going to tell you about what asilk Durag is exactly and why you should buy one from ouronline store.

Description of silk Durag:

What is a silk Durag made of?

It is often complicated to find the suitabledoo rag. That is due to the variety offabrics, which are so much expanded. Silk Durags aremanufactured from asewn silk fabric. But how to know if ado rag is really made fromsilk?  Thecharacteristics of asilk Durag isshiny,smooth andlighter. If yourhead wrap misses one of those characteristics, it is called asilky Durag and not really from asilk production.Silk head shawls are made fromcotton fabrics

One of their benefits is that theyabsorb more than others do. Thetop surface makes the difference between avelvet Durag and asilk handmade skullcap. Velvetbonnets areheavier because of the velvetfabric but the back surface is made ofsilk fabric.

Why a silk Durag from

There are considerable advantages wearingsilk Durags, as it is not only ahair accessory but also a huge solution for capillary issues.

In thisnew era, those who are looking forbandanas,headbands or any otherhandmade chiffon to create  yourcharmeuse waves,silk Durags from our shop is the best option. Our shop highly recommends it fordaily use or for sleep because it is excellent in terms ofhair compression

They are considered mainly as a fashion accessory but also very important in hair caring. 

Silk Durags are made for a betterhair protection.

Silk fabric is cooler thatsatin fabric because it is morebreathable.

Silk Durags aremanufactured to give aglitter aspect.Silk Durags arethe most elegant and precious. They arecomfortable when they aretied with a nicecompression.Silk Durags are popular for theirperfection creating best waves.

It protects your hair from pollution.

It maintainsbraids tolast longer.

Who can buy silk Durags from our online store?

As it ismultifunctional, anyone who wants to make afashion statement fromhair accessories can purchase ourwide range silk Durags whether you areyoung or an adult,men or women

We also callsilk Durag,ball cap andbaseball hat. So if you are a sport player, do not hesitate to buy one. 

Selecting the best silk Durags:

When should it be worn?

You may wonder when you shouldwear it.  The answer is simple, after buying asilk Durag from our online shop,, you can immediately start using it. Forperfect waves, it is better towear itbefore and while sleeping. And forscalp damage prevention, you can also wear itall along the day.

How to tie a silk Durag?

Here I am going to show you an easy wayto tie yoursilk Durag:

 Moisture,brush or comb your hair as usual. Then, put theheadscarf on it. It willcompress thewaves for aperfect texture. Make sure thekerchief is not sotightly knotted. You can wear it during the night. It improves your hairtexture andprotects yourscalp/hair from hairdamage and It alsoflexes your hairsmooth.

How should it be washed?

It is easilywashable. You can use a washing machine todry-clean thiscotton twill turban. However it is always preferable if youhandwash it. To wash it, we follow the same step as if we wash a velvet Durag:

  • You can use any mild soap.
  • You would better hand wash it.
  • Wash it as if you are washing asoft silk.
  • Make sure you get clear water before it is finished.

Steps to follow when you buy a silk durag: provides awide range ofsilk skull caps in terms ofstyles and colors.

We offerbest-seller silk Durags due to theirhighest quality manufactured with 100% silk fabric. Oursilk Durags will amaze you more than ever.

Here are some methods to know how to choose the best silk Durag:

  • Always have the habit of checking out thesilk durag fabrics/textile. As mentioned earlier, silkDurags arebeamy,lustrous, gleaming and are perfect forcompression. This is a wonderful hairaccessory. Some of them are made ofpolyester, which areperfect for 360 waves. If compared to other types ofheadscarves, it gives the best andquickest result for it isvery skinny and stretchy.

Don’t forget that yourhair and scalp need tobreathe. Check if thesilk headgear isbreathable for yourhead. A silk Durag should keep yourscalp dry and let itbreathe at the same time.

  • Find asilk headwear according to your purpose. Moreover, do not forget that a silkDurag is a way to express your personality.

Here at, we have different types ofthemes that you can choose properly. 

Check you silk Durag scratch type. There are three types of ties:Velcro, large scratch and standard scratch. The large scratches are recommended if you want to sleep at ease. The standard scratches are better if you have a sensitiveforehead and want to avoidtight compression. TheVelcro are perfect for 360 waves.

Check if theelastic silk Durag issewn perfectly. Otherwise, it will play a bad role for making thewaves unstructured. There are kinds ofDurags, which do not havesewing lines inside as those we have here

In other words, you can find as manysilk Durags as you wishonline but if lookfor pure silk Durags, choose thequick shop, As we have mentioned in this article, we haveraw silk also known asDupion Silk Durags, which are made from100% silk fabrics. They are just splendid for your purposes. Do not miss ournew arrivals! We sellonline only!