red durag

You might have already heard of our high quality durags here Yes, we offer the best quality durags in a large variety of colors you can choose. Among those are our red durags. Here are some information about them andhow we should wear red durags.

Some information about our available red Durags:

What are the available red durags

Durags can be made of differentfabricsandmaterials but here on, we only focus on 3 types of high quality durags.

Here are the different kinds of red Durags we can purchase on our website:

  • Red silk Durags (made of pure silk)
  • Red satin Durag (shiny appearance)
  • Red velvet Durags (made of 100% velvet fabric).

Why wearing this red head wrap?

Red color is a daring and passionate color. Our durags are popular for its efficiency intexturing trendy waves, also known as360 waves.

At night, wearing this wave cap is the best choice if you want to sleep peacefully and protect your hair down at the same time.

It is excellent for natural-hair growth.

It helps you concentrate more during physical exercise because it can attire your hair back and prevents it from moving or disturbing you while exercising. In addition, it can absorb sweat from your head.

It is among the best options if you want to straighten your hair.

It can protect your hair and your scalp from wind and different factors of damage.


How to wear and tie our red Durag fast?

Where to wear it?

Many people start wearingsilk scarves from the comfort of their homes, mostly for their hair care. It means that everyone can be his/herscarf-tying stylist. Moreover, since it has become more and more popular, it has become a pride to wear it everywhere, without caring too much about its origin. Some people now wear it even at work (depending on their outfits conditions ordress code)

When to let it be worn?

Most people tieskullcaps before sleeping and wrap them around the head all along the night for hair styling. Other people wear it during the day to prevent hair damage due to different reasons.

How to tie a Durag fast?

Tie the tails of the skinnydo-rag together. Keep it in your hands and make atwofold hitch with the closes of thetails, so that they like a circle and you will have the portion that covers the head at one conclusion and the hitch on the other side. You can cut off little pieces from each conclusion after you have tied them together. Place theheadkerchief on your head. Most people prefer to part itupward so that it does not leave any marks on the hair. However, you can have it folded down if you want to add great appeal to the top. Wrap thetails around your head. Pull the curl formed by the tails of the headscarf towards the back of the head. Turn it. This will naturally bring them back to the front of your head and wrap them around your forehead. When you use thistechnique, the tails are actually likeropes, rather than flattened like strips of cloth. Since the knots are already tied, there is no further action required on the tight bonnet, tails. Attach the flap to your head. Take theflap in one hand and use the other to tie it into a knot. I should practically look like a ponytail made from fabric. After that, you can tighten the flap and tie it under theDurag in question. By adopting this technique, yourscarf tie should be verycomfortable and you can easily run your finger between theknots and the part thatcovers your head. Untie the knots if necessary. You canuntie the knots if you are just spending time at home or about to go to bed. However, this will give you a sloppy appearance and may prevent you from sleeping.

How to make 360 waves with a Durag?

This is forcurls andwaves lovers.Curling/waving your hair is not that difficult. Just follow this easy instruction. Do your regularhaircare and hydrate it. Then, brush your hair and put the head scarf on it. This will hold the waves in place. Make sure it is tight much not too much. Leave theDurag on your head for at least thirty minutes. Remember to put on the Durag this special hairband before going to bed.