How to put on a durag with dreads?
September 21, 2023

How to put on a durag with dreads?

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Many people still find hard to adopt the suitable hair accessoriesfor their dreads. Men or women, choosing the right materialto cover your locks can be an extrawork for you because not every fabric can be suitable for it. Here is the good news, durags can help you to style your dreadlocks all along the day or even during the night. Let me give you more detailed information about these possible questions you surely ask: “can we really wear durags with dreads?”; “if we have dreads, what is the best durag we should wear while sleeping?”; and also, “how to tie up a durag for dreadlocks?”.

How to put on a durag with dreads?

Can we wear durags with dreads?

The first question to raise here is:

What is a durag?

A durag or also known as a doo rag is a piece of clothing, tied up around the head to give a stylishaspect to hairstyles, especially, to waves and braids. The most popular doo rags are velvet, silk and satin.

The second question to raise here is:

What is a dreadlock?

A dreadlock, also known as dreads or locks is a very stylish hairstyle in which the hair is braided or twisted together in a certain way that they are locked together. It means, they are not combed yet, they can be washed regularly.

Now that they are clear, let us come back to the first question, can we wear durags with dreads? The answer is definitely yes.

And I can suggest you that durags are the best because they are made of high quality of different fabrics which very absorbant. If you want to know more about the benefits of wearing a durag while sleeping.

What is the best durag we should wear while sleeping?

There are some major problems that people face when they sleep with their locks. The best solution to keep them in a good structure is to wear out well known bonnet wich is called “durag”. You will need to select a satin durag for the night.

What is a satin durag?

A satin Duragwhich is also silky durag is manufactured with satin weave. It is made of different fabrics such as polyester satin, silk satin, nylon, rayonor wool. This skull cap is lighter in weight and is elastic. Other satin headwears are made from cotton satin from pure cotton fibres. Stretch satin does not have fur as it has linen crepe and matte texture. Satin head wraps can be also add some other materials such as pure silk, tulle and fleece weaving. they are cooler if compared to silk Durags which are warmer.

Why is satin durag good for sleep?

This kind of duragis better for maintaining your locks. Besides, satin hair band is an excellent help for your dreads to prevent from hair loss and from messing up. Your hair becomes healthy and smooth because it stops the moisture from hair evaporation. And most of all, it improves your dreadlock’s texture.

How to put on a durag with dreads?

How to tie up a durag for dreadlocks?

Your dreadlocks deserve the best care. Here let us see how you should be wearing it.

1-    Do your regular hair care. Clean your locks, apply oil or cream on them.

2-    Tie them up before you cover them with the satin durag. Make sure you do it on the way that you will feel at eat when you sleep.

3-    Place the satin Durag on your head.

4-    Make sure the center of the Durag is placed at the center of your head.

5-    The front edge should be placed between the hairline and the eyebrow that is on your forehead.

6-    Wrap the tails around your head.

7-    You can knot them down the skull or have them upward.

You can wear it as long as you can but not compressed too tight otherwise it will be difficult to untie them and you may have a headache.

Do not forget to wash your satin Durag regularly. They are easily hand washed.


Wearing durags is not just a style, it is also used as an excellent hair care accessory. All types of durags are perfect for each type of hair and at the same time we have to know which durag is better for which situation. In this article, we have stated that satin durags are better for dreadlocks. It can, not only render your locks more stylish, but also help you for a better care of your dreadlocks.