How to make a velvet durag?
December 09, 2023

How to make a velvet durag?

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Its very easy to make a durag by your own. It requires a certain number of steps to be followed. First you have to decide the fabric to be used. Durag can be silky durag, velvet durags, satin durags etc.

Decide the fabric first, cut the pieces as per proper measurements and stitch it as stated in this article. Read this guide till end to understand the complete process.

How to make a velvet durag?

What is a Durag?

Do-Rags are a type of cloth that is used to cover hair and is sometimes spelled doo rag, du-rag or durag. The word "do" comes in do which means hairdo Do-rags are typically worn to shield a style that has been processed.

The do-rag was popular in many different times and isn't an atypical Black trend in America. Over the centuries, both women and men from African descent from all over the world have been using various materials and scarves to protect their hair.

Resources Required:


There are a lot of fabrics available for making durags. Choose one which you think is perfect for you. You can choose silky and velvet durags, satin durags etc.

Purchase any of the above fabrics in a good quantity for cutting and stitching. Silky material and velvet material is usually recommended.


At second you will need a scissor to cut the fabric for durags. Make sure to properly measure and cut the durag piece accordingly.


Measurement is the most important thing. Without this, you cannot make a durag at home. Please pay huge attention to measurements before cutting durag fabric for 360 waves. You should make use of a ruler in such case.

Sewing machine:

Without sewing machine, we cannot make a velvet durag at home. After cutting & measurement, you need to sew the durag in proper shape with the help of a sewing machine or thread.

Sewing machine would be most recommended but you can for sure use a thread for that purpose as well. Both of the things will serve the same purpose.


You will also need a pencil for markup of measurements. It will reduce the chances of any mistakes when you have proper markups with the help of a pencil. So it is also recommended in the process.

How to make a velvet durag?

Process to make durag:

The process is pretty simple, Choose a fabric, make measurements, cut it out and stitch as per instructions given below:

How to cut fabric:

Make a single piece of fabric 18 inches in length by five inches across.

Cut the shorter end of the material into an arc making a mark at the middle of the 5-inch side. Draw the line of fabric 3 inches from the edge and cut from the center line to your edge mark , so you end up with the point which is three inches in length. The point will be to the back of your durag once it is finished.

Place the bowl on your fabric, and trace it around using your pencil to create an eight-inch circle. Make note that if you're making an oversized durag for a young child or an unusually petite adult, you could alter the pattern by using the smaller size of bowl.

Divide the circles in two. This creates both sides your durag.

Cut an item of fabric that measures 36 inches long with 2 inches of width. If the fabric you have isn't long enough, you can cut a piece folded in the middle that measures 17 1/2 inches in length by 2 1/2 inches across.

How to sew fabric:

  • The rounded edge of one half-circle onto the long edge of the non-pointed end of your arrow-shaped fabric. Attach the right or printed edges of your fabric to each other. Repeat the process with the second half-circle.
  • Sew around the edges of the pins with a 1/4-inch seam. Leave half an inch of fabric untied on the rear on each of the pieces.
  • Fold over the edge that is not sewn of the half-circle 1/8 inches and then 1/8 inch, and sew to seal the edges of the half-circle.
  • Fold the ends of the center piece in the same manner and then sew around the pointy end and go back to the other side, making sure to secure all the edges that are raw.
  • The durag should be turned to ensure that it is facing right out.
  • Fold the longest piece of fabric lengthwise in half with the right and left sides joined.
  • Sew across the long edge using 1/8 inch seams to form a long , curved tube of fabric.
  • The tube should be turned to the right side out and then flatten it.
  • Then, place the fabric on the front of the cap. Pin this piece of fabric all until it is pinned to the outer edges of circular pieces.
  • Sew the pins back to where you placed them using a 1/4-inch seam.

How to make a velvet durag?

Advantages of Homemade Velvet durag

There are many advantages of homemade velvet durags, let us discuss all of them in detail so that you have a complete idea of them:

Soft to hair

Homemade durags appear soft to the hair. They do not react on hair unlike other market durags. You can easily put them on head for a longer period of time and then machine wash. They are completely chemical free.

1. Good Hair Texture

If you use cream or oil to your hair, putting on du-rags can help keep moisturizing your hair. This can improve the texture of your hair and will give you shining and healthy hair over the long term.

2. Waves 360

If you are a fan of seeing your hair's waves appear curly and adorable Knowing how to dress durags is a great option. A durag will spare you the strain of having to brush your hair constantly to keep the waves. This is why it's called an 'wave cap. Because durags are usually tucked over your head. They make sure that your hair is positioned on top of your head, instead of growing outwards.

Additionally, when you go to bed at night, there is nothing to worry about because your hairstyle that is wavy is secure beneath this head tie.

3. Saves Hairstyle

If you're able you can wear durags, and you use the head tie frequently and you'll notice that your braids will not get rough as quickly. The wave cap helps keep the style. It's a good option to keep your hairstyle safe.

If you're driving and do not want rain or wind to blow your hair around put on this style accessory to keep your hairstyle safe. Once you reach at your destination, remove it and show off your hair.

4. Saves from UV Rays

If you spend for too long in the sun, your hair can become dull fast. A do-rag will help keep your hair from appearing dull, even when you spend many days under the sun. Make sure that the wave cap you put on to shield your hair from damage caused by sun is brightly colored. The darker shades absorb heat, and do little or absolutely nothing to protect your hair from damage caused by sun.

5. Keeps Your Hair Straight

Utilizing this head tie to tie your hair down will keep your hair straight and well-groomed for the duration of very long period. Durag is very good option in such a case. You should for sure look for such a option to add in your outfit.

Difference between velvet and velour

Velour and velvet can be interchangeably used for various purposes but the differences between the materials vary enormously. Velvets are made of polyester, silk and rayon. It has been knitted crushed and woven for the creation of an exquisite fabric.

It is heavier and thus enables an edging effect. Velevt can provide you great compression and the material is highly durable.

Veloured is a soft dense fabric which has been knit. The cotton is very stiff and quite flexible, compared with velvet. Velour is softer and thicker at a fourfold level than velvet.

Satin vs. Velvet Durag

Traditional durag is fabricated from satin sand paper. This fabric features a breathable weave that is typically glossy and dull. Although satin is wonderful, the material is easily damaged. Velvet durap is more resistant compared to silk durags. The softer and lighter material has more durability and is more attractive than stain. However, velvet is lined with satin to keep the hair clean. It also helps with hair maintenance.


So now you must have got complete knowledge about how to make durag at home. Among all the Hair products, durags are considered to be the best for making waves.

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