How long do you wear a durag for waves?
September 06, 2023

How long do you wear a durag for waves?

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How long have been knowing the existence of durags? I am sure it has been a while now. It first appeared during the twentieth century, firstly worn by black Americans. Then little by little, the world has started to adopt it. Why? It is because a durag is not a simple hair accessory and wearing it is not just a fashion style but indeed, it is very useful for hair care. And talking about hair care and fashion style, having 360 waves is becoming very popular. Let us see here in this article how long to wear a durag in order to get waves and which one is better, using a brush or a durag for perfect waves.

How long do you wear a durag for waves?

Is it bad to wear a durag allthe time?

If we wear a duragto get perfect waves, we need to understand why it is good to wear a durag all day or all night.

The benefits ofwearing a durag all day:

It is not for nothing if nowadays many people of different kind are wearing durags for everyday life. These following are explaining why it is necessary to wear them during the day.
  • It is an excellent protection against the sun. Sometimes we forget that the sun and the air pollution represent a big danger to our hair and scalp. Most of the time we always urge to protect our body and face and somehow neglect our hair which is among the most important we should take care of. It prevents your hair from falling due to dryness from external factor. Thus, it improves your hair texture.
  • It you are a sportive, wearing a durag can help you to concentrate more on your activity because as it is so absorbent, it prevents your sweat from falling into your eyes.
  • It also protects your braids / dreads from friction and maintains them to last longer.
  • A durag can be a good hair straightener if sometimes you want to get rid of heating. Therefore, your hair remains smooth and intact.
  • Besides, tying up a durag is the best solution for you to keep your waves in good quality.

Thebenefits of wearing a durag all night:

You may think that only wearing a durag during the day represents benefits but you are wrong. Wearing it at night has as many advantages as wearing it during the night. There are some informations about it:

  • It promotes hair grow as the durag protects your hair form friction against the pillow. Thus, it keeps your hair smooth and minimizes hair loss.
  • If your hair is curly, a durag prevents it from frizzing so that you can still have the same hair texture the next morning.
  • The same as this previous benefit, if you go to the hairdresser and still want to keep exactly the hairstyle for tomorrow, the best way to preserve it is to wrap it with a durag. You will see the next day when you unwrap it, it will be better than when you have just done it.
  • It prevents your hair from messing up and from knotting itself in the morning, which is not cool.
  • Your dreads are always in perfect texture if you keep wearing a durag every night when you sleep.
  • Moreover, if you want excellent waves, wearing a durag overnight is a great idea. It maintains your waves until morning.

How long do you wear a durag for waves?

Can you get waves by just wearing a durag?

When we say “waves”, we immediately have different ways of getting them. We have different products and materials which are really good but here I am informing you about the most effective way to get and keep them. It is using a durag. So let us see here the differences between a durag and a hairbrush and how we can get waves from a doo rag.

Hairbrush or durag, which one isbetter for waves?

Some of us still hesitate between using each of them. Here I am to tell you that if you want perfect 360 waves, you need to learn to collaborate with both of them. Using both of them is necessary in the steps of getting waves. Here are the reasons:

  • If you only use a brush to get waves, it will take a long long time to shape your waves. Besides, apparition of frizz is unavoidable if you only use a brush to get waves.
  • Using a hard bristle wave brush is not the key for 360 waves. All you need to have is a soft bristle wave brush and a durag, preferably a satin durag for the night.
  • Perfect 360 waves mean a brush + a durag. Without one of them, your waves will not be well defined.

How to getwaves with a durag?

To help durags to make your perfect 360 waves you also need products which promote waves like specific shampoo and conditioner for waves, special hair cream for waves and also a special wave hairbrush. As we stated above, it is preferable if it is a soft bristle wave brush.

  • First, hydrate your hair and clean it with you shampoo and conditioner, at the same time, using your medium wave brush.
  • When it is clean, apply your wave cream and never stop brushing it because shaping your wave with the brush remains an important key.
  • After that, wait for about thirty to forty five minutes and start placing your durag on your head, from your forehead, just before your hairline. Make sure you flip it inside out for not leaving a mark on your waves.
  • Cross the two tails and bring them upward. Make sure you do not tie the tails to avoid any mark on your waves. Just fold them under the border of your do rag. Take a soft headband to hold the durag in its place while you are sleeping.
  • Make sure the compression is not too tight. Let your hair and scalp breathe overnight.
  • Only untie your durag in the morning and you will see the wonder of your waves.

Howlong can we wear a durag inorder to get waves?

According to all the information above, for perfect waves, do not hesitate to wear your durag for all night. It is not a big amount of time if you follow all the process we have given above. Only the compression should not be so much.

I hope this article has helped you to understand more about getting waves from a durag