How to tie a silk durag ?
November 19, 2023

How to tie a silk durag ?

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Silk durag are very light weight in nature and help a lot in keeping hair moisturized and making us look stylish. It can also be worn on hair overnight. Today, it is considered a fashion statement. It's very important to tie a durag on your head properly.

In this guide, we will see complete steps to tie a durag on your head. There are many techniques to it, but we will be discussing the best one, that ties the head tight and keeps the hair in place. Silk durag are a perfect combination of style, fashion, and amazing fabric.

How to tie a silk durag ?

What is Silk durag

Durag silk fabric is the latest fashion for a new generation. The genuine silk fabric, which is produced using natural processes and the traditional preference of various kinds of fibers, is characterized by a high-quality appearance and durability.

It’s durable, it’s transparent, it’s smooth and soft because it doesn’t show wrinkles during washing. It doesn’t lose its structure even after being washed multiple times. If tied tightly, you can easily get natural waves and it also helps in natural hair care. Silk durags are my personal favorite.

How do I tie a durag?

There are mainly 5 steps to tie a silk durag on your head. Here we will discuss all these steps, this guide will be super helpful for you. Please read it till the end, your all questions will be addressed:

A. Place the durag on your head (pulled tight):

You can pick a shading and style of durag that work for you. Many individuals lean toward doo cloth that is a stretchy material that should be visible when extended. This makes them more breathable when they're tied firmly around your head.

Line the middle crease up with the focal point of your forehead for balance. Make sure it is pulled tight.

Turn the durag inside out and place the durag so the front edge sits between your eyebrows and your hairline. Ensure your hairline is covered. Assuming you have sideburns, they should stand out under.

B. Wrap it behind the head (lie flat):

Now take both the ties and wrap them from behind. The ties are way long and require double wrapping for proper folds. Make sure that the center seam lie flat on the front edge of the forehead. It is my personal favorite way to wear a durag.

Place the durag on your head like a hood where the flap hangs along your neck lying flat and the front sits comfortably just above your eyebrows.

C. Cross the ties from the forehead

This is the most important step in the whole process. It will ensure that durag is tied tightly from both respective sides. Just bring the ties to the front and cross them from there. Make sure to put the flap hangs straight & flat, so that it looks quite nice.

You can smooth them with your hands for making them flat. One thing, keep in mind, don't tie them too tightly, otherwise, you will get a headache.

D. Tie a Knot at back of your head

The process of tying a durag can never get completed without this step. Some people prefer making one tie or single knot at back, some make a double knot. There are different ways to stick and tie durag tight, tying a knot is a perfect solution. Basically you have to tie the two corners together.

It will prevent fall of durag in any case. It makes the durag tight from both respective sides and it gives you the perfect feel for style, fashion, and comfort. Ties should rest between the ear and the head so that the ears stay exposed.So, make a single or double knot as per your requirements. But again, I would recommend tying a dual knot, make sure to have some space for further breathability.

E. wrap the flap, if desired

Now, most of the work is done and the flap will might be hanging down your neck underneath the ties. It is called a back flap. Some people prefer leaving the flap lying on the back of your head but some people prefer folding it behind the ears.

This way, durag will maintain your hair tidy and will act as a fashion accessory too. Durag were started in American-african culture and they prefer to keep the flap open. However, it is someone's personal choice to either keep it flat or wrap it.

How to tie a silk durag ?

FAQ about silk durags:

Here, we will address some of the most asked questions about silk durag. Please read this section to clear your related doubts about them:

Does silk durag helps in waves?

This compression system makes your hair look like a 360 wave. While you need to wear durags for longer periods of time to obtain results, silk durag usually give more results for longer periods than others. That's why, it is most recommended.

Are velvet or silk durags better?

The Durag protects your hair while sleeping and flattens your hair as the hair grows. ... The outer durag is covered with velvet, while its interior is covered in satin. Velvets give a more comfortable compression than silk durag traditionally used to produce waves.

Is silk a natural fiber?

Usually durag has many benefits, but if it is made of natural fabric then it gives extensive benefits. The risk of leaving lines on forehead is also reduced in such case. Silk is a 100% natural fabric, wearing it will benefit your hair laids: tying them properly. This will not feel tight to you.

Final Remarks:

So, I hope you got an idea about the process to tie a durag around your head. There are different ways to tie a durag, but we have talked about the standard one. In case you are planning to buy a silk durag, then make sure to have a look at our durag shop.

We have best fashion durag that you can tie on your head, wearing our durags you give you damn amazing fashion look, just try them once.