Are silky durags better ?
September 16, 2023

Are silky durags better ?

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Distinguishing yourself to others, you may look for different hair accessories to make you look unique. You may have already tried all and want to stay confident on your choice. You may also have tried durags without really knowing which one is better for which situation. In case the word “durag” or “doo rag” is somehow new for you, it is categorized in three major types which are: velvet durag, silk duragand satin durag. And apart from these, we often hear “silky durag” but what is exactly? What differentiates a silky durag from others and does that type of duragwork better than any other durags? Do not worry! Here in this article, we will show you everything about silky durags for you to make the differences between all of them. I am sure after discovering about them, you will wear a silky duragat ease because your doubt about it will be cleared out.

Are silky durags better ?

Silky durags description:

I remember a friend who always refused to put anything on her hair before she knows the ins and outs of it. It can be a cream, a fabricor any product. Our other friend found it ridiculous and always made a joke on her about it. But she did not care. All she wanted was to feel free without a second thought when she uses anything related to her hair. Now, she has blooming healthy hair and she does not regret to always have a critical mindset toward her hair care. So today you too, do not blame yourself if you want to know more about silky durags.

What is a silky durag?

A durag is a head cover used a fashion statement or to protect hair from any damage. A silky durag is composed mainly with satin fabric. Here when I say “mainly”, it represents most of the material, around 95%. That is why in another way, we call it “satin durag”.

We can find Satin fabric anywhere. Sateen sash textile is the most interesting of all fabrics. At home I am sure at least you possess one satin cloth. Why that fact? Just because satin fabrics have an attractive shiny appearance that we can not resist. Here are some characteristicsof a silky or satin durag.

  • A satin Durag is manufactured with satin weave. It is made of different fabrics such as polyester satin, silk satin, nylon, rayonor wool.
  • This fabric is lighter in weight and is elastic.
  • Other satin headwears are made from cotton satin from pure cotton fibres.
  • Stretch satin does not have fur as it has linen crepe and matte texture.
  • Satin head wraps can be also add some other materials such as pure silk, tulle and fleece weaving.
  • Satin Durags are cooler if compared to silk Durags which are warmer.

Now that you got some information about silky durags, now let us see how they are different from other durags.

Silky durag VS Velvet durag:

What is a velvet durag and what is it made of?

 It is not like the other form-fitting headbands which are mostly made of only one quilting.

  • This type of headgear is made of two different turbans, the outside is made of velvet fabric and inside is made of silky satin. Satin is made of both polished glitter (top) and flat (back) sides.
  • Satin and velvet are textured and sewn together to make your hairstyle perfect inside and make you look luxurious outside. On the other side, people often confound velvet textile with velour fabric and velveteen apparel. Velour is made of organic cotton fabric, plush, which are somehow thickbut also stretchy.
  • Velvet is more crushed, cut and woven. Some velvet are made from polyester and others not.
  • The other velvet headwears are made from pure velvet cloth with shinny satin, rayon or silk.
  • These skull scarves have longer piles than one-size hats.
  • Velvet is not elastic but thicker than other do-rags.
  • Just like silky durags, velvet durags are good for  curling, waving or other hair styling.
  • Another similar specificity to silky durags, velvet durags are also smoothand i coolin appearance.
  • Both satin and velvet prevent from hair damage.
Are silky durags better ?

Satin VS Silk durag

  • Silk Durags are manufactured from a sewn silk fabric. But how to know if a do rag is really made from silk?  The characteristics of a silk Durag is shiny, smooth and lighter.
  • If your head wrap misses one of those characteristics, it is called a silky Durag and not really from a silk production. Silk head shawls are made from cotton fabrics.
  • One of the similar benefits that both silky and silky durags share is that they absorbenBoth silky and silk Durags give a good hair protection.
  • Both silky and silk Durags are manufactured to give a glitter aspect.

Why silky durags?

To be able to answer why we should adopt silky durags, it is necessary to understand the important benefits of silky durags and how to select the best silky durags.

Benefits of silky durag:

Many among us want to keep a retro styling. Others want some novelty in hairstyles but remain so reflective and are not sure about using satin skull caps. Here I am going to tell you some of the numerous advantages of having one skinny satin headpiece.

  • A satin Durag is a very good example of fashion statement. So if you want to look glossy, shiny, luxurious and glamourous, do not hesitate to buy one. You can associate this satin durag with other fashion accessories like heels, jackets or hats. You may be amazed but people wear it even for wedding. Doesn’t it make sense?
  • This hair scarf is also made for creating and maintaining 360 bows hairstyleand at the same time it avoids your hair to frizz. And, you can find some draping and pillowcases couturewhich are made with satin fabric to prevent you from sweating while sleeping. You have the option of not wearing a sweatband if you have that.
  • Besides, satin hair band is an excellent help for those who have hair loss issues because it promotes a rapid hair growth.
  • Satin-weave absorbs heat if you like exposing yourself to sunlight.
  • And, satin headband rags are the best to maintain braids and dread locks while sleeping.
  • Moreover, this is a perfect hair straightener without heat, which is a major source of hair and scalp damage. Thus, it represents a key solution to hair issues.
  • Your hair becomes healthy and smooth because it stops the moisture from hair evaporation and any other camouflage.
  • Also known as Athletic caps, satin Durags are perfect for athletics to tie their hair down and to stop sweat from disturbing the eyes.
  • It is also a great help for riders/bikers
  • to prevent from excess of sweat.
  • You can even sleep peacefully with ponytails and buns with a satin Durag.
  • And most of all, it improves your hair texture.

How to select the best silky durag

Talking about silky Durags, the first thing we need to take into consideration is your need. What type of satin turban do you like? Know your style first.

Then, check the satin Durag that is good for your hair type. So before selecting the best satin Durag for your hair, know your hair type first. That is including your hair porosity.

Choose a stretchy and reversible satin head scarf because it is always breathable.

Check the seams position if it is on the top or inside. Having it inside is not good for waves.

Finally, check the strap type. There are three types of ties: Velcro, large scrap and standard scrap. The large scrapssare recommended if you want to sleep at ease. The standard scraps are better if you have a sensitive forehead and want to avoid tight compression. The Velcro are perfect for 360 waves.

Are silky durags better ?

Taking care of your silky durag:

Here you need to know how to tie a silky durag to take care of it so that it laster longer in durability. You also need to know how to wash it.

How to tie your silky durag?

Once you own a durag, you may always want to wear it every day. So, here we are going to give you three different ways to tie your silky durag according to the occasion and the situation for which you wear it.

For daily use:

  • First, choose the silky durag you want to tie and place it on your head. Make sure you place the middle of the durag in the middle of your head. Place it just down until your forehead and keep your hair inside the durag.
  • Second, wrap the strings of the durag behind your head. Pull each of them backward respecting both sides.
  • Third, bring the strings in the front of your head. Make sure you do not hide your ears with the silky durag. Always, put the durag behind your ears.
  • Fourth, wrap them once again to the back, front and again, to the back. Do not tighten it too much. You may encounter difficulty untying it later and you may as well have a headache if you tightenit too much.
  • Finally, you can knot it in your own ways. You can have it double knotted if you like. You can also fold the flap if necessary.

For night use:

Our personal likes and dislikes does not have any effect on how we tie a satin Durag and how it could be worn and knotted. We have a common way of knotting them for haircare while sleeping during the night.

  • Do your regular haircare, brush/comb your hair and hydrate it.
  • Place the satin Durag on your head.
  • Make sure the center of the Durag is placed at the center of your head.
  • The front edge should be placed between the hairline and the eyebrow that is on your forehead.
  • Wrap the tails around your head.
  • You can knot them down the skull or have them upward.
  • You can wear it as long as you can but not too tight otherwise it will be difficult to untie them and you may have a headache.
  • Do not forget to wash your satin Durag regularly.

For a specific ceremony

  • Tie the tails of the skinny do-rag together.
  • Keep it in your hands and make a twofold hitch with the closes of the tails, so that they like a circle and you will have the portion that covers the head at one conclusion and the hitch on the other side.
  • You can cut off little pieces from each conclusion after you have tied them together. Place the headkerchief on your head. Most people prefer to part it upward so that it does not leave any marks on the hair. However, you can have it folded down if you want to add great appeal to the top.
  • Wrap the tails around your head. Pull the curl formed by the tails of the headscarf towards the back of the head.
  • Turn it. This will naturally bring them back to the front of your head and wrap them around your forehead. When you use this technique, the tails are actually like ropes, rather than flattened like strips of cloth. Since the knots are already tied, there is no further action required on the tight bonnet, tails.
  • Attach the flap to your head. Take the flap in one hand and use the other to tie it into a knot. I should practically look like a ponytail made from fabric.
  • After that, you can tighten the flap and tie it under the Durag in question.
  • By adopting this technique, your scarf tie should be very comfortable and you can easily run your finger between the knots and the part that covers your head.
  • Untie the knots if necessary. You can untie the knots if you are just spending time at home or about to go to bed. However, this will give you a sloppy appearance and may prevent you from sleeping.

When and how to wash them?

For any types of durags, it is very important to wash them regularly to prevent from scalp orskin diseases, which we can catch when it is too dirty. However it is always preferable if you handwash it. These are what we need to consider when washing it:

  • You can use any mild soap.
  • You would hand wash it.
  • Wash it as if you are washing a soft silk.
  • Make sure you get clear water before it is finished.

What are the steps for hand washing any durag?

  • First of all, always make sure that you always inform about the instructions labeled in the durag.
  • Take a bassin or use a sink if you want and fill is with cool water.
  • It is better you use detergent than a soap to avoid more wrinkles on the durag and also to save the durability of the durag.
  • Put the durag in the water with detergent at let it soak there for about thirty minutes.
  • Press it gently and avoid scrubing or twisting. Always press gently until it is clean.
  • Change the water for new clean water and repeat the process of pressing until it is completely clean.
  • Now that it is clean, use a drying rack to air-dry it.
  • Always remember to manipulate your durag softly if you want it to last for a long time.


Already popular for more than a century, durags remain a considerable fashion statement and can have an incredible participation in hair caring. Silky duragsrepresent all the essential characteristics of an excellent durag even if it shares some of its benefits to the other durags