Do you put the velvet side of durag on hair?
October 06, 2023

Do you put the velvet side of durag on hair?

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What is the reason you would want velvet on the inside? you should prefer it the opposite way since velvet durags dry out your hair and suck away the moisture.

Take advantage of the silky side. it's supposed to look as that. Its stitching pattern on the outside or velvet side keeps them from being inside, thus not creating lines in your hair/forehead

Durag originally served as a way to protect and style the hair overnight, when you wear them they offer some compression and protection by covering your head. Velvet durag is usually a bit more expensive because this fabric is of higher quality.

Velvet durag is heavy in weight because velvet is a heavy material. Velvet durags are better than traditional silky durags, velvet durags provide better compression which can create better-looking hairstyle.

It also minimizes bumps and wrinkles in a ponytail as the velvet fabric doesn't create a tight, harmful hold. Velvet durag is so hair-friendly, it's great for all hair types.

Do you put the velvet side of durag on hair?

what is durag ?

A durag, silky, or wave cap is a close-fitting cloth cap tied around the top of the head. Du-rag is named as such because it is a rag worn to protect one's hairdo. Du-rags come in different fabrics for example velvet durags, silk durags, satin durags for one's preferable choice. Durag on your head serves the purpose to maintain hairstyles of your choice and experiencing the completely covered forehead.

why durag?

Durags may be worn to accelerate the development of long curly hair, or locks in the hair, to maintain natural oils in the hair to stop hair breakage; or to keep hair, wave patterns, and braids from shifting while sleeping. Durags are also a fashion statement and a fashion choice, popular among african american culture.

How to wear a Durag?

Durag is quite simple to wear. Wearing a durag doesn't need much effort, you just need to put durag on your head and make sure the center seam is in line with your nose. The front edge of the durag should settle over your forehead or at the center of the forehead. Make sure that your entire hairline is covered, otherwise, the durag will come out easily. Pull the bottom of the durag out from the back of your head and left it hanging. Another way is that you can grab the hanging part which is the tail and just wrap it around your head and when it gets tied make the knot and tuck behind the head. Make sure your ear is not covered with it and your eyebrows are exposed.

Benefits of Du-rag?

Those people who wear durags are very well familiar with their benefits. Wearing durag on your head after putting oils, creams, or any other product that moisturizes hair, helps to ripple the effect of the product used. Also gives the hair a shiny appearance and maintains waves of long hair. Following are the advantages that can be obtained while wearing du-rags:

  • Protection from sun damage
  • Improving hair textures
  • Keeps your hairstyle intact
  • Maintain the braids
  • Helps during exercise
  • Fashion statement

Do you put the velvet side of durag on hair?

Types of Du-rags?

Du-rags come in multiple fabrics and materials. The main ones are satin, velvet, silk, and synthetic fabric. Before buying a durag for waves you need to consider a few things like you need to know about which fabric to buy. The most common type of dura is silk durag.

Velvet Durag

Velvet durags are one of the best durags. Velvet is woven, cut, and crushed. It is made from either polyester, rayon, or silk. However, most velvet fabric has a blend of these three. In velvet durags, the outside of the durag is made from velvet, the inside of the durag is made from satin. Velvet durags have gained quick popularity for their favorable aesthetic and comfortability. velvet durags in most cases are crafted with velvet material on the outside and lighter, breathable material on the inside, both respective sides are part of velvet durags in most of the cases.

Silk Durag or Silky Durag

Silk durag or silky durag isn't just stylish to wear - it also offers the most benefit to your hair. Silky durags often use a blend of materials to create a soft and satiny texture, but some are made from pure silk. Silky durag is lighter and breathable as compared to velvet durag. Silky durags are considered one of the best options for compression and maintaining 360 waves and braids. Silky durags are cheaper compared to velvet durags. While you need to wear durags for some time to get results, pure silk durags tend to give better results in a short time.

Satin Durag

Satin durags are the next best thing when it comes to compression for creating 360 waves. Satin durags aren't good as silk ones, but they still offer a tight fit. The one thing that makes it better than velvet durag and silk durag is its lightweight. satin durags are very comfortable to wear. Maintaining braids is way easier with the satin durags. Satin durags also come in several different colors and patterns. When it comes to price, they are in the same range as silk durags.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabric durags have good elasticity and don't wrinkle up easily. Durags made of Synthetic are less expensive, durable, and readily available in comparison to natural fibers. Although this type of fabric catch sweat more easily, and is not suitable for coarse hair.

Durag History

In the 1930s, during the Harlem renaissance and great depression, the durag was used to maintain hairstyles. During the black power movement of the 1960s and 70s, durags became a fashion statement among black and Hispanic men. In the 1990s, durags were further popularized by rappers like jay-z, Nelly, and 50 cent. Durags have a dark history as well behind them they had evolved from the 19th century when slave women used head wraps to keep their hair stays out of the way during labor. Today durags are used to maintain waves to keep stray hairs sit tight. Many options in the type of durags have arrived. Velvet options in durags have gained quick popularity.

Durags in Contemporary Era

Durags history is quite interesting but what is its present? Well, durags have become a fashion statement as well as a stylish way to keep hair at the right place. But was it like it is today? It all started from the women who were slaves had to wear something on their head in order to keep hair out from their sight and later the styles evolved into durags. Once a staple of hip-hop artists, durags are a mainstream fashion accessory now. They come in different colors and styles and add pizzazz to your outfit. But they are also essential for keeping your coarse, curly hair in check. A durag for waves is indispensable if you have 360 waves. They help improve the texture of your hair, prevent tangles and sun damage, and maintain your hairstyle for a long time.  In some places, durag have replaced headband with it. The headband is also a decent way to ties hair but not enough stylish at the same time. Durags with good fabrics have also the ability to soak sweat. It ties the hair and helps them to keep them in right place. you can wear them also while having sleep. It has become trendy wear by the time and has started to be worn with outfits in African American culture. Durag gives a smooth feeling to its wearer and helps them to keep their hair sitting tight.

Do you put the velvet side of durag on hair?

5 Best Durags List

As we discussed there are different types of durags and it completely depends upon one's preference what exactly he/she is looking for, what fabric would go with his style, taste, and looks. So here we got the 5 best durag for coarse hair, oily scalp, everyday wearing.

Ashilisia Silky Durag Head-wrap

If you’re worried about investing a lot of money into a durag these ones by Ashilisia are right for you. They are super affordable. And yet at the same time, they have high-quality quadruple stitching that doesn’t rip off, even after washing and using multiple times. It is best for maintaining coarse hair.

Slippery Customs Velvet Durag

If you want perfect 360 waves, you need to wear them at all times to preserve this hairstyle. And this means going out with a durag as well. So if you feel self-conscious walking out with a plain black cloth around your head, try these fashionable Slippery Customs Velvet durags. Just add more value in your style by wearing this durag.

Dream Du-Rag Deluxe Smooth & Thick

The Dream du-rag comes in 29 different colors. So you can buy multiple ones to pair with your outfit.

Wavebuilder Durag

The one chief criteria for a durag for waves is compression. If the durag isn’t tight enough, there is a chance your waves won’t form well. So I loved how stretchable this durag is and how long the straps on this wavebuilder durag. Wearing this durag will doesn't make your head feel heavy.

Velvet & Silky Soft Durag

You get durags in velvet material that offers a brilliant sheen and a fashionable look. Then there is satin durag that offers amazing compression to keep your hair in place. And all these durags come in different colors as well. So you pick and choose what to wear on which different occasion. The length of the straps is almost 40 inches long. You can easily wrap it around your head as tightly as needed to maintain your 360 or 720 waves. These durags feel really comfortable to wear. The fabric allows your scalp to breathe. A great choice for summers or if you have a dandruff problem.


Our all durags are from premium quality fabric, it helps retain the moisture that your hair has and aids in locking in the pomade. They are the most luxurious durags available.

If you're looking for alternatives to the plastic durags you have, opt for these. They have large straps with extra-long tails which allow you to wrap them around your head to ensure comfort.The durags offer double compression.

The velvet gives you a shiny appearance and silk, which locks in moisture in order to keep your hair looking great for longer. Have a look at our store for finding reasonably priced durags.