How to wash a durag ?
September 11, 2023

How to wash a durag ?

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Everyday we see people wearing durags. They can be young, adults, men or women. It means that this super fashionable piece of clothing is more than popular. In fact, many of us already know how to tie a durag and how to wear it differently. However, most of us still ask many questions such as “how to wash a durag?”; “how often should you wash your durag?”;or, a question like “I want to wash my durag in a washing machine. Can I do so?”

Here in this article, we are answering all those possible questions. So, do not skip, follow us until the end and you will find all the answers that you have been waiting for.

 How to wash a durag ?

Characteristics of durags:

Here are some information you need to know about durags, how they are made of and some of the advantages for wearing them. You will also see in each description the washing preference for each of them.

Velvet durags:

They are made of two different fabrics, the outside is made of velvet fabric and inside is made of silky satin. Satin is made of both polished glitter (top) and flat (back) sides. Velvet is textured and sewn together to make your hairstyle perfect inside and make you look luxurious outside. On the other side, people often confound velvet textile with velour fabric and velveteen apparel. Velour is made of organic cotton fabric, plush, which are somehow thickbut also stretchy. Velvet is more crushed, cut and woven. Some velvet are made from polyester and others not. The other velvet headwears are made from pure velvet cloth with shinny satin, rayon or silk. These skull scarves have longer piles than one-size hats. Velvet is not elastic but thicker than other do-rags. That is why can not use a washing machine for washing a velvet durag. Its high quality fabrics will be damaged. Velvet durags are good for  curling, waving or other hair styling. Theyare also smoothand i coolin appearance. And most importantly, velvet prevents from hair damage.  

Silk durag:

Silk Durags are manufactured from a sewn silk fabric. But how to know if a do rag is really made from silk?  The characteristics of a silk Durag is shiny, smooth and lighter. If your head wrap misses one of those characteristics, it is called a silky Durag and not really from a silk production. Silk head shawls are made from cotton fabrics. they are absorbent and represent a good hair protection. They are manufactured to give a glitter aspect. Once again, here we can not use a washing machine to wash this type of durag because of of these characteristics.

Satin durag:

A satin Durag is manufactured with satin weave. It is made of different fabrics such as polyester satin, silk satin, nylon, rayonor wool. This fabric is lighter in weight and is elastic. Other satin headwears are made from cotton satin from pure cotton fibres. Stretch satin does not have fur as it has linen crepe and matte texture. Satin head wraps can be also add some other materials such as pure silk, tulle and fleece weaving. Satin Durags are cooler if compared to silk Durags which are warmer. And just like the two other types of durags that we have just seen earlier, fleece and satin weaves are not very suitable for a washing machine. Let us see now the reasons of that.

How to wash a durag ?

Why can’t we use a washing machine to wash them?

Before all I would like to clarify that we are not against washing machine. Yes of course we use it indeed, for our daily laundry. And always busy as I am, I can not imagine my life without using it. 

But talking about washing a durag, it is much preferable if we wash it with our own hands. Why? That is because a washing machine presents a high pressure toward what we put inside of it. And it is normal, its aim is to render everything inside of it clean. Thus, its hard and repetitive pressure is not good for a durag.

A durag needs a soft care if you want it last in durability and in quality, and also to keep its original color. To end this article, let us always stay stylish and keep our durags neat and clean!

What is the simplest way to wash a durag?

  • First of all, always make sure that you always inform about the instructions labeled in the durag.
  • Take a bassin or use a sink if you want and fill is with cool water.
  • It is better you use detergent than a soap to avoid more wrinkles on the durag and also to save the durability of the durag.
  • Put the durag in the water with detergent at let it soak there for about thirty minutes.
  • Press it gently and avoid scrubing or twisting. Always press gently until it is clean.
  • Change the water for new clean water and repeat the process of pressing until it is completely clean.
  • Now that it is clean, use a drying rack to air-dry it.
  • Always remember to manipulate your durag softlyif you want it to last for a long time.


To sum up, durags have different characteristics. Some of them are mainly made of cotton fabrics, the others are from woolen materials and some others are made with polyester. But here is the point, even it hey are different from one another, we should wash them in the same way using the technique of hand washing and doing it regularly. The only thing you should avoid doing is running after a washing machine when you want to clean a durag. Using it can be an easy way but it is better to spend a little time washing it gently with your hands to preserve its quality as well as its durability than doing it quickly with a washing machine and your durag will not last longer.