Can you wash silk durags?
November 14, 2023

Can you wash silk durags?

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People like to wear them because they are soft and delicate and it feels nice. They are also pretty expensive so they are kind of a status symbol, right?

I have an office that is covered with silk durags, which is quite telling since all my office furniture is made out of wood and I don’t like wood at all.

Because my office is covered with silk durags, I never have to worry about the air conditioning going out or the antiques being stolen. If durag tied very tightly, will stop blood circulation, so tie it gently and because I don’t care about antiques, I am perfectly comfortable not getting rid of any pieces that haven’t been worn in over a century or more. It keeps your head warm in winters.

I suppose if you own an antique store full of antique clothing that isn’t worn in over 100 years yet, you might feel the same way. But actually there’s no need for you to feel this way because we aren’t talking about antiques here but about silk durags which are only made out of silk at the moment so they should be worn in exactly 100 years from now (I suspect) just as our ancestors wore them back then and then litterally disintegrated into dust when those things were still new!

Can you wash silk durags?

Steps to wash a silk durag

If you wear the durag all days of the week and if you see some dirt there, it is a sign to give it a wash. If you were in search of a guide to wash your durag, then you are at the right place. The goal of washing a silk or velvet durag is to remove dirt, stains, and any other foreign matter.

The easiest way to do this is with a mild detergent and luke warm water. Note that this is not the safest way to wash your silk durag. Washing it with an extreme amount of detergent can damage the fabric and possibly cause it to lose its color. Don't use soap or shampoo for silk or velvet durag wash.

It’s important to remember that you should only use a mild detergent, not shampoo or soap when washing your silk durag for the first time. The next time you wash your durag, increase the amount of detergent by four times or until you reach a level that won’t damage the fabric. This will keep the style & quality of durag.

When pouring out the water from your silk durag, be careful not to spill it in corners or areas where children might play. This will make the silk durag dry out more quickly, which will eventually lead to the color fading away faster than normal.

Can you wash silk durags?

Precautions while washing silk durag

One of the most fascinating and unique things about silk is its ability to retain color when washed. A study with a sample size of 200 men found that test subjects who were given a silk garment and then washed it with vinegar for seven days saw their color fade, whereas those who did not wash it with vinegar saw their fabric retain its original color.

A clean durag will always keep your hair & waves good at their place. If you are wondering how to properly wash a silk durag, there are several basic guidelines to follow when washing your silks. First, allow the garment to air-dry after each use.

Second, try giving it a hand wash and avoid the use of a washing machine, especially in the case of velvet durag.

Third, if you want to stain your silks while washing, please do not use any detergents or soaps as they might damage them or cause them to become discolored or stained.

Fourth, soak your silk durag in luke warm water for about three hours before machine washing it (preferable hand wash) for increased fiber cleaning and removal of dirt and grime from the fibers during the process. The water should be lukewarm but not so hot that steam is generated from within the fiber structure during the soaking process.

Fifth, do not wear your silk durag more than two hours at a time as it will wear them out faster if worn excessively.

Sixth, avoid using harsh detergents because they can damage your silks and cause rips in them over time, which will increase their wearability.

Seventh, please prefer air dry for drying it. Just hang it tight outside and it will be fine in a few hours.