Blue velvet durags

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  • Blue Velvet Durags - Add versatility to your collection

    Don't limit yourself to just one blue durag anymore. With this set, you can alternate between a classic blue durag and a luxurious velvet one, depending on your mood and style.

    Features of the Blue Velvet Durags set

    • Helps create waves and keeps hair in place
    • Includes a classic blue durag and a velvet blue durag
    • Color: Blue
    • Handmade for the best possible quality
    • Handwash recommended, dry flat

    Benefits of the Blue Velvet Durags

    With the Blue Velvet Durags set, you'll have options to match your look. Whether you prefer a classic style or want to switch things up with a touch of luxury, these durags have got you covered. The velvet durag adds an elegant and stylish twist to the traditional look, perfect for special occasions or when you want to stand out.

    Not only do these durags help you achieve the desired waves, but they also keep your hair in place throughout the day. Handmade with care, they offer the highest quality to ensure durability and comfort. The blue color adds a subtle yet vibrant touch to your ensemble, complementing a range of outfits.

    We understand the importance of personalized style and provide a wide range of durags for men, women, and even babies. Our collections include satin, velvet, and silk durags in various colors. Check out our Blue Durag Collection and our Velvet Durag Collection to explore more options.

    Designed for a younger audience, particularly afro-American men and women, our products cater to their specific needs and preferences. We aim to provide the best quality durags in the market, ensuring style, comfort, and satisfaction.

    Don't settle for a single durag. Expand your collection and add versatility with the Blue Velvet Durags set. Order now and elevate your style game to new heights!