Does wearing a durag help hair grow?
September 01, 2023

Does wearing a durag help hair grow?

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Taking care of ourselves, we can give value to body fitness, regular face care, but among the most important is our hair care.Many people worry more about how to make hair look more stylish, how to stop hair loss or most of all, how to grow hair super faster. And talking about hair growth, we can easily find different ways to do it but most of their efficiency varies from hair to hair. But if you want another method to grow any type of hair, using a durag is a great help. And here, let us discover first the reasons why we may lose our hair. Then, we will give you full information about which durag is the most suitable to prevent and stop hair loss. It is also necessary to state all the important benefits of wearing adurag during the day; and finally, how to tie a durag for your hair protection and growth.

Does wearing a durag help hair grow?

Dodurags cause hair loss?

This is one of the most valuable questions we ask before we adopt a new product for our hair, and this is completely obvious. We can not take the risk of losing our hair by applying a product or a material which is not good for it. But here is the point, there are always solutions for every problem, including hair loss.

Major causes ofhair loss:

We often only recognize that we have a serious hair loss problem only when we see the inevitable result. Sometimes we do not even remember when or what caused it. Here are some major causes of hair loss that we often meet in the society we live in.

  •  From medications we can not stand such as (retinoids) acne medications containing vitamin A, contraceptive pills, antidepressants etc…
  • From pregnancy: mainly due to hormonal disorder caused by pregnancy. Anyway, when a situation happens, we can not totally avoid it from happening but we can look for ways to improve from it later.
  • From different synthetic hair productswe apply it. These are about any product including Sodium chloride because they cause dryness on your hair.
  • From materialswe cover it. The excess use of polyesterto coverour hairmay result in slow hair growth and the densityof your hair becomes weaker.

These are just examples of what may cause hair loss. So, before adopting the most suitable doo rag to growyour hair faster, make sure none of these factors are still damaging your hair and scalp.

Which durag issuitable to prevent hair loss and to stop it?

Can wearing durag stop hair loss? The answer is definitely yes. Why? It is because it protects your hair and scalp from drying out because of the sun effect, the different kinds of pollution we may face in our daily lives, and also it prevents your hair from falling. In fact, there are different types of durags but there are those which have the specificity of protecting hair. They are what we call silk durags. Here are some information about them:

  • Silk Durags are manufactured from a sewn silk fabric.

The characteristics of a silk Durag are shiny, smooth and lighter. If your head wrap misses one of those characteristics, it is called a silky Durag and not really from a silk production.

  • Silk head shawls are made from cotton fabrics which are perfect to protect your hair and scalp. And not only your hair is well protected, but also, it stops excess hair loss.
  • Silk durags are more absorbentthan other types.
  • The top surface makes the difference between a velvet Durag and a silk handmade skullcap. Velvet bonnets are heavier because of the velvet fabric but the back surface is made of silk fabric.
  • They are also very smooth and breathable for your hair scalp. They totally encourage hair growth.

Now that we understand more about silk duragand its role to stop hair loss, I am sure you want to wear it all day but you still hesitate if you can wear this rag all the time or not. Your hesitation is obvious. That is why we decided to inform you more about that in the next paragraphs.

Does wearing a durag help hair grow?

Is it bad towear durags all day?

To be able to answer this obvious question let us know why it is necessary for you to buy a durag and also if you want to wear it during the day, how it should be worn.

What are thebenefits of wearing durags all day?

All types of durags represent exceptional benefits. For instance, velvet durags are better for cold weather due to their advantageable thickness characteristic. They are also perfect for any type of wave creation to give you a better fashionable hairstyle. Next, satin durags are perfect for better hair care while sleeping during the night. And how about silk durags? Do they represent the same benefits? Here are important things you should know about that:

  • Silk Durags are not only a hair accessory but also a huge solution for capillary issues.
  • For those who are looking forward to having successful waves, silk Durags is also the best option. We recommend them for daily use because they are excellent in terms of hair compression
  • Silk Durags are made for better hair protection.
  • Silk fabric is cooler than satin fabric because it is more breathable
  •  Silk Durags are manufactured to give a glitter aspect. Silk Durags are the most elegant and precious. They are comfortable when they are tied with a nice compression.
  • It maintains braids to last longer.
  • And here is the most important benefit: It protects your hair from pollution that you meet during the day. Did you know that air pollution does not only affect our respiratory system but also our hair? Yes! Our hair should be the most protected because it is the part which is the most attractive for dirt and pollution. Besides, the wind and sun effect should be avoided if we want to keep our hair in a good quality. As they are so stylish, you do not need to worry about your appearance because you will always look good wherever you go whoever you are. So what are we waiting for? Decide to buy one today.

Does wearing a durag help hair grow?

How to tie a durag for daily use and for promoting hair growth?

Men, women, young or adult, wearing a durag is not for a specific person. It is meant for anybody who wants to use it as a fashion statement, as a hair accessory, as a hair protection, or as a promoter of hair growth.

As mentioned earlier, for scalp damage prevention and to promote hair growth, we recommend you to wear it all along the day.

Here I am going to show you three easy ways to tie your silk Durag:

  • This first method is the most popular for hair growth.
    • Place the durag correctly from your forehead, just before your hairline. Make sure that it is flat and smooth.
    • Take the two strings from opposite sides in a certain way to form a cross.
    • Bring the two crossed strings gently around your head, behind your ear.
    • Tie them together from the side you prefer.
    • You can also knot the back of your durag.
  • This way of tying durag is the best for wave creation.
    • Choose the top surface for the inside so that its seam will not destroy your waves later.
    • Hold one string in each hand. Making sure that they are crossed to each opposite side, wrap them around your head upward and backward again.
    • Now, corrupt the two strings together instead of knotting them so that they may destroy waves.
    • To ensure the immobility of the durag, choose any smooth headband and place it on the durag in the way that inter rolls the flap of the durag into the headband.
    • Avoid putting on too much compression to avoid a headache. It may also damage your hair if it is too tight.
  • This last method is the easiest way to knot a durag. 
    • Moisture, brush or comb your hair as usual. 
    • Then, put the headscarf on it. It will compress the waves for a perfect texture
    • Make sure the kerchief is not so tightly knotted. You can wear it during the night. It improves your hair texture and protects your scalp/hair from hair damage and It also flexes your hair smooth.


To sum up, wearing a durag really helps your hair grow because of its different advantages promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss. I hope these pieces of information really give you food for thought if you still had a doubt about the idea of adopting a durag. Together, let us protect our hair, grow our hair, choose a durag and be stylish!