Can I wash my silk durag?
August 28, 2023

Can I wash my silk durag?

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Yes, definitely you can wash your silk durags. If you wear them all days of the week and if the dirt is visible on its outer side, probably it is the indication to wash your durag. If you do this with proper instructions, your silk durags will look very shiny & attractive after a quick wash.

Washing a durag becomes very necessary sometimes. So here is a complete guide you need for washing & drying your silky durag.

Can I wash my silk durag?

What is silk durag?

This is really one of the best types of Durag additionally it includes advantages which are several. Silk durags are constantly stylish and also they offer different stylish modes. This type of durag is obviously practical plus it offers advantages which are genuine.

Silk durag is definitely ideal for men because it is perfect for small kinds of locks people. Girls that have small hair might use it. This would be one of the fashion accessories that are very well also it provides advantages being several.

It is possible to make use of this variety of durag constantly in the event that hair is needed by you on your own head 360 waves.

How to wash silk durag?

The actual fact associated with matter is that durags are usually smelly as a result of dust and perspiration that is very both this is certainly uncomfortable both you and the people around you. Here are the things you can do to make sure that the durag is clean without compromising its quality;

1. Soak it overnight:

The first step is to soak it overnight in cold water to remove all the external dirt present over there. This step is very important and will ensure that the further process gets extremely easy.

2. Use good mild detergent:

No matter how many precautions you take to wash your durag. If you are using a bad detergent, your durag will lose its shine & texture. So, make sure that you are using a good detergent to wash it.

3. Gently rub the durag:

The main process starts now. Take your durag, apply a detergent on it and rub it gently. Always remember to give it a hand wash. You will see, all the dirt will get removed meanwhile in the process of washing. Your durag will become same as you have just bought it now.

Rinse until the water is clear, gently wring and hang it in a warm dry place and let it completely air dry. Don’t apply a dryer on it, rather go for always air dry. It will maintain its luster & shine.

Can I wash my silk durag?

FAQ's about washing silk durag:

Wash silk durag in washing machine?

Ideally you shouldn't put it in washing machine, but if you really don't have time and you've some bad circumstances then please do it with care. If you have to put your silk durag in the washer, be sure to opt for a low temperature and wring out gently or use a slow spin cycle.

Should you wash silk/velvet durag everyday?

No, you need not wash it daily, because doing this will decrease its lustre & the fabric will be loosen. As it is made of lightweight material, excess water will pore clogging and durag will be of no use. So, wash it only once or twice a week, with luke warm water, and a mild washing detergent.

Can we wash it with soap or shampoo?

Our durags are made of quality natural silk and these cannot be washed with soap or a shampoo. You should soak them ideally overnight because they have delicate fibers. Then choose a mild detergent and give it a light cycle wash.


So to conclude the whole article, silk durag can be washed out. There are some measures & instructions to do that. Firstly keep in mind, you shouln't be washing it daily. It will decrease it lustre & shine.

Always wash it with lukewarm water because it prevents pore clogging. Silky durag is always recommended to be washed with mild detergent.  Always prefer to give it a hand wash. Machine washing typically hurts the fabric of durag.

Always rub it with hands softly, giving it a more gentler cleanse, as it avoid destroying the silk and velvet fabric. In case of synthetic fabrics, you have to be even more careful.

At last, after washing cycle, leave it for air dry. Silky durags are best suitable with air dry because these are made of natural fibers. So, we hope that you got some value from this article regarding durag wash and how to fully dry it.

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