How to put on a durag ?
August 20, 2023

How to put on a durag ?

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A Durag is a type of headband or bandana worn primarily by African-Americans. It's a great way to keep your hair back (primarily while climbing), and they're also known to keep you cooler.

When it comes to wearing a Durag, the possibilities are endless. You can wear it at the job, at sporting events, or even at church. It's better than a hairnet, but much more fashionable, irrespective of your hairstyles. Be it straight, silky, frizzy, locks, curl, twists, ringlets, or a wavy hair type, Durag works with all.

There are different fashionable durags available for men as well as women. And the best part is that everyone can wear a durag including people with short hair or long hair or any specific haircut such as Afro, Braided.

Tying a durag is easy once you know-how. The tricky part is knowing how to wear it. There are lots of different ways to tie a durag. In this article, we will discuss the four most popular ways to put on a durag.

How to put on a durag ?

Method 1: Tying a Basic Durag

If you are a first-time durag wearer, deciding how to tie the durag may seem daunting, but rest assured, it is one skill that can easily be learned. Here we will attempt to explain the process of tying a basic or regular durag. 

Whether you are thinning, completely bald, or a person with curly or long hair, there are different types of durags for different hair thicknesses. This article will teach you how to tie a basic durag.

Preparing for the Durag

You do not need a Hairstylist to prepare for wearing a Durag. Before you begin wearing a durag, make sure your hair is smooth and moisturized to avoid any discomfort. You can apply a small amount of coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, or other natural oils to give yourself delicate and textured hair.

If you have wet hair, then make sure to dry them properly. Also, ensure that your hair doesn't have any tangles in them. If not, applying conditioners or dry shampoo and then using a comb or a round brush to manage the hairs carefully will help you to detangle them. 

Once you ensure you don't have any split ends, damp hair, or frizzy hair, you can proceed to the following steps to put on a durag.  

How to put on a durag ?

Step 1: Place the durag on your head.

You can pick a shading and style of durag that works for you. Numerous individuals lean toward doo cloth that is an elastic material that can be seen through when extended. This makes them more breathable when they're tied firmly around your head.

Line the middle crease up with the forehead for evenness.

Spot the durag with the goal that the front edge sits between your eyebrows and your hairline. Ensure your hairline is covered as per your face shape. On the off chance that you have sideburns, they should stand out under. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 2: Wrap the ties towards the side part of your head. 

Take one tie in each hand. Pull the two ties back behind the head with the goal that they cross in an "X" behind the head. The ties will need to move up with the purpose that they appear to be more similar to ropes than groups of texture. 

Pull the ties back on their individual sides of the head. So the tie on the right-hand side gets pulled back along the right half of the head. 

Ties should rest between the ear and the head, so the ears stay uncovered. 

On the off chance that you don't need the connections to move up like ropes, you can squeeze them level against your head as you pull them and wrap them. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 3: Cross the ties before the head. 

Whenever you've crossed the ties toward the rear of your head, pull them back in front. Ensure they cross in the focal point of your temple. Then, at that point, pull them right to the rear of your head. You can also tie additional knots to tighten the durag.

On the off chance that you need them to lie level, you can streamline them now too. 

Try not to pull the ties too firmly, or you can get migraines. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 4: Tie a bunch. 

Tie the ties into a bunch at the rear of your head. It ought to sit at the foundation of your skull. Start like you were tying your shoes. Nonetheless, rather than making circles, just make a twofold bunch. 

Be mindful so as not to tie it so firmly that you can't fix it later. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 5: Pull down on the fold. 

The fold will presently be hanging down your neck under the ties. Pull it down like you were attempting to get it to contact your back. This will fix the durag and give some decent pressure on your hair. 

Try not to pull excessively hard, or it will feel awkward.

How to put on a durag ?

Step 6: Fold up whenever needed. 

When the fold is pulled tight, you might need to fold or tie it up. This keeps the fold from hanging down on your neck, which can get hot or look messy. 

You can move the fold up from the base and fold it over the ties to hold it set up. 

If the fold is adequately long, you can tie it in a tangle and fold it into the ties. This will make a slight knock where the bunch gets tucked.


Method 2: Tying a Durag Quickly

"Tying a durag quickly" takes practice. After all, hairs are flying all over the place. Here are the steps to put on a durag quickly.

How to put on a durag ?

Step 1: Tie up the tails of the durag together

Obviously, the first step to putting on a durag is having a durag under your grasp. If you don't have one, you may need to go purchase one now. Alright, now that you have your durag in hand, you'll want to tie up the tails of the durag together. To do this, make sure that they are equal distance from each other and tightly knotted together. I suggest using an overhand knot.

Step 2: Place the durag on your head

Now, move your head slightly upwards and place the durag on your head. If you want the top of the durag to appear smooth, you can also move your head downwards.

How to put on a durag ?

Step 3: Wrap the tails around your head

To fold the tails over your head, pull the circle framed by the tails around your head and afterward turn it. This will make it usually need to return to the front of your head and fold over your brow. 

With this method, the tails will move up like ropes instead of remaining level like texture pieces. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 4: Wrap the tails around your head. 

Take the fold in one hand and utilize the other to tie it in a tangle. It ought to nearly seem as though a tail produced using texture. You would now be able to fold the fold and bunch up under the durag itself. 

This method should leave your durag fitting serenely so you can, without much of a stretch, fit various fingers between the ties and the skull cap part of the durag. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 5: Wrap the tails around your head. 

You might need to do this if you're simply hanging out around the house or resting. Be that as it may, it will look unkempt and disrupt the general flow while you rest.

Method 3: Tying a Durag Before Bed

You can also sleep with a durag. It won't cause any hair loss, thinning of hair, or any other hair growth-related problems. However, when tied improperly, durag may cause you to develop curly or Kinky hair, especially if you have long hair. To do this, follow through the below-written steps:

How to put on a durag ?

Step 1: Put the durag on your head.

Turn the durag back to the front, so the crease turns outwardly. This will guarantee that the crease doesn't affect your hair in the short term. Place the durag, so the crease lines up with the focal point of your face.

You can make use of a durag made of any sort of material you like. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 2: Fold the tails over your head. 

Take one tail in each hand and wrap it rearward of your head. The tails should cross toward the rear of your head. Whenever they've crossed, pull them right around the head, so they cross at your temple before folding over to the back.

Try not to tie the ties. That will leave lines on your brow on the off chance that you rest that way. 

To get the connections to remain set up immediately, you can wind them together. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 3: Put the headband around your head.

Get a delicate headband that you would wear for sports to get sweat. It ought to have firm flexibility yet not be awkward or too close even to consider wearing overnight.

Fold the durag under the headband. 

It's feasible to rest in a durag without needing to use a headband. However, this method will limit the danger of the durag leaving lines all over. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 4: Unwrap the ties.

Open up the ties. Once the durag is gotten into the headband, pull tenderly on the connections to isolate them. They should now be free and not, at this point, folded over your head. You can get them into the rear of the headband, so they don't get tangled while you sleep.

It's feasible to leave the ties wrapped for the time being, yet fixing them might be more agreeable and forestall the durag from leaving lines on your brow. 

How to put on a durag ?

Step 5: Tuck the flap.

Fold the fold. Make a point to fold the fold-up into the headband also. This will ensure it doesn't get pulled on while you're dozing, which could oust the durag from the headband. 

You can move the fold up and wrap it up or attempt just stuffing it inside the headband. And, it's done - you have the headwear at the place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a durag used for?

Durags can be used for many things. The hair is worn over the natural hair and allows braids to last longer because it protects the natural hair from breaking or having a worn outlook.

It can also be used for an actual hairstyle and can be prepped with baby powder, paste, wax, or other hair styling products to evenly spread all over the head.

A durag is recommended to wear when putting any style in your hair that requires an updo style to hold it in place. 

Does a bandana work as a durag?

They may not always substitute for an actual durag, but bandanas are an effective and inexpensive way to keep your hair in place for those grueling workouts. Plus, there are many options to choose from these days when it comes to fabrics.

How to make a durag out of a bandana?

First, cut off the pointed end. Cut the back of the bandana so that there are 6 inches before you get to the fringes. Fold this piece in half so that you have a loop, then the loop closes. Slide this onto your head. This should fit comfortably and stay on while you sleep or rap/dance. Enjoy!

How to get waves in your hair without durag?

Curls are beautiful waves that encompass the length of your strands. Achieving these waves can be difficult and time-consuming, so using products to create a shortcut is a great solution. Durag is haircare that can help you get the look you want without the hassle.

How to tie a durag with long hair?

Durags for long hair can be tied in no time. It will take you only a few seconds to tie a durag using your hair, and once you get the hang of it, you'll look like you have been wearing durags all your life. Read it here(interlinking)

Does wearing a durag help hair grow?

Durags do help in hair growth, as they can protect the hair follicles, cuticle, and scalp and keep it clean and healthy by keeping dirt and sweat away from the scalp. In addition, wearing a durag keeps braids and twist styles from matting while preserving the style. Durga's will also slow down the process of scalp infections (seborrhea), especially when worn at night.

Who can wear a durag?

Anyone can wear a durag, including people with almost all kinds of hairdo, including wavy hair, thick hair, sleek, braid, bangs, straight hair, curling hair, ponytail, ringlets, tresses, bouncy, afro, updo, etc.

Is hair care required when wearing a durag?

Haircare is always needed to maintain smoothing and healthy hair. However, when you regularly wear a durag, you need to take extra care of your hair. Make sure you wash your durag once a week and that too with your hands as washing a durag in the washing machine may damage its elastic properties. Always wash your hair with a sulfate-free and keratin rich shampoo and conditioner to keep them healthy and shiny. Also, regularly apply natural oils to keep your scalp hydrating and clean. Avoid any pomade or synthetic hair products, as they will make you more prone to develop hair loss. These tips will surely help you get the best hair.

How to tie a durag for waves?

Tying durag is an easy thing. To tie a durag, take the top of your hair and pin it up with a clip so that it sticks up in the air. Next, put your durag cap on your head. Then pin down the front part of your durag cap. Next, grab both sides of your durag and place them over the top of your head. Next, pull for the sides to make sure everything is snug as you can get it. Finally, you are done tying a durag!

them healthy and shiny. Also, regularly apply natural oils to keep your scalp hydrating and clean. Avoid any pomade or synthetic hair products as they will make you more prone to develop hair loss. These tips will surely help you get the best hair.