How to wear a durag ?
August 22, 2023

How to wear a durag ?

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Got a new DURAG for the first time, But don’t know how to wear it? Then keep scrolling down because it’s the guide for you. This guide contains knowledge about different durags and different ways and methods of wearing it.

How to wear a durag ?

What is a Durag [Doo rag]:-

Durag is a cap or scarf like piece of cloth which covers your head in a stylish way. It is a fashionable headwear accessory. It was originated in African-American culture. It is mainly used for preventing your hair to get messed up while you are sleeping or wearing a hat.

Besides a cultural identity it’s a lot more. People having deadlocks or waves in hair often recommended to wear it. It keeps their deadlocks friction free and frizz free. So that you enjoy such hair styles and don’t get messed up by them.

Why you should wear a Durag [Benefits]:-

It is not only a fashion or hair styling accessory but also having many benefits. It may not be able to get popular as a fashion accessory if it is not having any benefit. Stay on the page and lets get to know about it’s importance:

Keeps your Waves and Deadlocks Frizz Free-

If you are a lover of hairstyles like Waves, Cornrows, Deadlocks then it doubles the benefits for you. It prevents your deadlocks and cornrows to get them frizzy specially when they are newly styled. It keeps them at their place and don’t let them to get tangled between each other.

Locks the Moisture in Hair-

It locks the moisture in your hair and don’t let them dry fastly. There are the most chances of hair fall when they get dry. It keeps your hair moisturized for a long time. Thus controls and prevents hair fall.

Prevents Brushing-

Remember when you brushed your hair and had to wear cap or hat over it. Wearing hat or cap will surely results you in a flat hair style.

This problem could be solved by wearing durags under hat. It prevents the flattening of hair and brushing them again and again.

Protects from Direct Sunlight and Dust-

It is a head wear and keeps your head cover all the time. By this it protects your hair from direct scratching sunlight and dust/pollution which can massively damage your hair. By doing so prevents damaging hair.

Workout Helper-

Did you ever felt that irritation from sweat while you are working out. Well it was my daily problem, but I fixed it wearing durag while workout.

As it keep your head covered tightly it don’t let your sweat come down and enter your eyes. Remember sweat also damage your eyes.

As it grips hair tightly it avoids them come foreward on your face. So enjoy working out with long hair.

Aside all its benefits it is a Fashion Statement and icon. You will see a lot of singers and mega icons wearing it. It has now become one of the fashion identities. You can wear it with any type of dress. Even it is more friendly fashion outfit for men as it is not a time consuming styling.

How to wear a durag ?

Types of Dorags [Fabrics]:-

By its types it doesn’t means that it comes in different shapes and sizes. By types it represents its availability in different fabrics. You can make different styles using dorags of different fabrics. So let’s discuss its types:

Silky Durags-

As mentioned in name it is made of Silk fabric. It is considered as the most stylish durag to wear in a party like event. However it could be also a blend of materials to make it more shiny and smooth.

It is the best recommendation for people with 360 waves. It maintains them in most effective way. These are so popular that you can find them in a wide range of colors and brand.

Mesh Durags-

These are net like knitted durags. When you are getting irritated by sweat in a scratching heat this is where you need them the most.

It soaks sweat very fast and easily. Protect your face and specially eyes from sweat. You can also wear it while workout.

It has holes in it so it will keep your head ventilated and air crossing is supported by it.

Cotton Durags-

Cotton durags are the casual durags. You can wear them at home or any place where you just want to cover your head. These durags are best to wear while sleeping. It provides a soft texture and fabric.

The best part of these durags is that you can also iron them. Ironing other durags may be harmful for fabrics like silk, velvet etc.

Velvet Durags-

Velvet durags are the most comfortable ones. They grips your hair the most effective way. These are also recommended as the most stylish ones. Its shine sometimes provides you two shades in one durag.

They are available in various colors, shades and brands. Suit the most when dressed up with suits and casual wears.

The reason about why it comes in different materials and fabrics is that it enables you wear them with dress of any texture or fabric. It suits you with any type of dress or wearings. This feature enhances its usage and styling capacity too.

How to wear a durag ?

How to Wear Durags:-

The topic you are looking for is here. After getting a proper knowledge of durags lets jump in the methods to tie it. There is not a single way to do. There are various methods of tying it and all methods results in different designs.

The Basic Durag-

Step1- Place the durag on head, make sure its seam must lie above the centre of your eyebrows. Keep its seam outside at the front.

Step2- Make sure tie it in front of a mirror.

Step3- Pull the ties backward and make a knote at backside. Tight suitably.

Step4- Pull the ties forward and cross them at forehead.

Step5- Again put them at back of head and make another knote.

Step6- Make a loop knote to make it stable and fixed.

Step7- look in mirror and adjust its ties as per your need. You can make it plain and broaden strip, a rolling strip etc.

Step8- The flap is always left behind downward in basic durag.

The Sleepy Durag-

Step1- Same as basic durag.

Step2- Pull the strings backward and don’t make any knot.

Step3- Drag them forward making a cross at the back.

Step4- Now here is now need to make any knote. Roll in the strings and tuck them within the ties.

Step5- you can also rollup the flap and tuck it in ties.

The Side Durag-

Step1- Same as basic durag.

Step2- Drag the ties backward and make a single knote.

Step3- Pull the string forward.

Step4- Don’t cross strings each other, meet both the strings at the right/left side you want your knote of durag.

Step5- Now make a loop knote there.

Step6- Adjust the string on your forehead as shown in basic durag.

The Front Durag-

Step1- Same as Basic Durag.

Step2- Same as Side Durag.

Step3- Pull the string forward.

Step4- Place both the strings at your forehead and make a loop knote.

Step5- Make sure your knot should be at the centre of your forehead.

The Quick Durag-

Step1- Hold the tails of strings in your hand and make a double knot there at its edges. So that the knot don’t get untied easily.

Step2- Wear the Durag on your head like a hoodi. Keeping the seam at centre as shown above in basic durag.

Step3- Now wrap the ties around your head twice like a rubber band.

Step4- Your quick durag is ready.

The Bandana Durag-

Take a bandana/scarf with measurement 24 by 24.

Step1- Take a corner of bandana and place it at the centre on bandana.

Step2- Now place it on your head keeping the folded side forward.

Step3- Now take the two corners of bandana that are at both side of your head and tie them in a simple knot.

It is ready now.

How to wear a durag ?

How to Take Care of Durag:-

Like any other fashion accessory Durags also need some care. Caring them will not only style you more attractively but also increase the age of your Durag. Ok now let’s check the points to be consider while caring it.


Washing a durag is the very first step you should take care of. Durag should never be washed in a washing machine. Try to wash it with hands.

Ya you can wash it in washing machine too but if you want to do please make sure that while getting washed durag must be alone in machine.

If you will wash it with a lot of clothes because of its streatchability, It may get loose or its fabric can also get ruined.


Ironing is again a necessity or managing your dresses. But ironing every durag may ruin it. As I told before you can only iron the cotton durag not anyone.

Ya if you use a bandana instead of durag you can iron it.

But always keep this in mind that Durags like Silk, Velvet and mesh durag should not be ironed regularly and with a very hot iron.

Also make sure while ironing a silk or velvet durag place a cotton cloth over it and then start ironing it.

So this was all you need and surely want to know about your favourite fashion Identity. Hope it will surely provided you value. And while reading this your are wearing the durag you were to tie. If I m not wrong drop a comment below