How to tie silk durag?
November 04, 2023

How to tie silk durag?

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The style of tie a silk durag is a fashion statement. They give the wearer an impression of luxury. If you want to look rich, you should have one.

Since most people prefer silk durags over nylon, there are many varieties available for them to choose from. No matter what your preference is, there’s always a way to tie one.

How to tie silk durag?

Here are some ways you can tie a silk durag:

1) Fold it in half and then 1st fold both sides in half again. 2) Fold it in half and then fold both sides in half again. 3) Fold it 1st fold, 2nd fold and 3rd fold back to back; 1st fold into 2nd fold; 2nd into 3rd fold so that the ends meet each other at on the middle line of the front part of your neck.

4) Fold all 4 sides together (there will be a slight gap). The only thing left to do is pull it all tautly using your thumb and index finger and then push down firmly using your thumb and index finger as well until you see the desired shape (Konkona/Nimbus/Nimbus Durage/) from the backside of your neck up to your earlobe, making sure that all edges are tightly pressed together (if no result after doing so for 5 times, try doing it with cotton).

It’s important not to overdo it or else you might damage the silk durag by pulling too much without pressing well enough. To make sure that the silk durag won’t split apart after tying, be sure to tie a durag around your head tightly (like wrapping turban around someone’s head). When done correctly and properly tied, they can become really beautiful when worn correctly (like wearing an elegant scarf on top of an outfit).

What is a Silk Durag?

Silk is a great fabric when you need waves or braids hairstyle, it keeps hair overnight at their place. Improves the texture of your natural hair and if tied tightly gives you a shiny look. Today it is also like fashion statements for man people.

For sure a silk durag can give you an amazing look. It is my personal favorite but to tie this durag on your head properly is very important. There are many techniques for it.

Benefits of wearing a silk durag:

A. It improves the hair texture

Durags were originally used as a head covering among Muslims. The need for such a garment is due to the Islamic belief that people should not alter the natural appearance of their hair. Clearly this is no longer required, and durags are now worn by many people for different reasons.

A Silk durag will provide the smooth, silky texture you want with your hair and will reduce frizz and flyaways. You can use it as a protective style to hold your curls neatly in place or just to protect your hair from environmental elements like humidity and pollution.

B. Perfect for braid maintenance

Durag is a temporary styling product that can be used with different types of hair textures.

It is perfect for braids maintenance. Durags are known for their versatility and are easy to use.

The most important benefit of using durag is that it protects the hair from harsh weather conditions, making the hair easier to maintain. Durags are also affordable with prices starting at $2.

This article will discuss how durags work when you should use them, and what kind of durag you should get based on your hair texture type.

Durag gives natural-looking braid styles without all the damage done to your locks like heat styling or chemicals do. The more chemically processed your hair is, the more likely you are to need a durag to protect

C. It gives you an attractive look

Durag is a hair extension that is designed to cover the bald spot by attaching it to your natural hair.

Durag comes with an easy application, making it perfect for people who are not skilled at hair extensions. Durag creates long-lasting hairstyles with high-quality materials. It is affordable and easy to maintain, which means you can enjoy your new look for months without any hassles!

How to tie silk durag?

How to tie silk durag (proper steps)

Here in this guide, we have discussed all steps in detail, so make sure to read them till end. You will get to know about all the required details. So let's see the steps:

Step 1: Take the silk durag, and flip it upside down.

Point 1: Take the silk drape and flip it into a type of folded shape.

Point 2: Fold the silk drape into a point.

Point 3: Fold the silk drape in half and try to fold it in a triangle shape.

Point 4: Turn the durag inside out so that the seam in the middle comes in front of durag.

Point 5: Now you have to tie this durag on your head in order to make it look more beautiful and stylish.

Step 2: Wrap the ties behind the head

Wear your tie tight on the forehead, with no creases. This will help keep the tie in place, and also improve it’s appearance.

If you have one knotted tie, the knot is at the back of the head. Make sure to wrap the ties behind the head so they don’t ride up while you are walking. Wrap the ties in a way that your ears stay exposed.

A tie can be tied with a simple knot called a silk durag knot (also known as a dreidle knot). It is very handy for tying your ties because it can be used for any type of shirt or tie. Place the Durag so that the front edge sits between your eyebrows and your hairline.

For men, a half-cocked bowtie is also called a “durag”. The bowtie is worn on top of the head and goes down to the back of collar bone or even past it depending on how loose or tight you want the bowtie to be .

Step 3: Cross the ties in front of the head

First and foremost, the ties that you tie for your silk durag should be pulled tight and well made. The best thing to do is to have them professionally made by a skilled artisans. Many of the ties that you can find in any store will not be able to withstand the rigors of this process.

When you tie your silk durag, it’s important that you tie the ties in front of your head. This is because this will prevent any possible fraying or unraveling while ensuring that all those lines are smooth and straight. Make sure both ties lie flat there.

It will ensure the complete usage of durag cloth and also it will tighten it properly.

Step 4: Now Tie a double knot

We have heard of the ancient art of tying a silk durag, but not many people know the method behind it. What you will be doing here is tying a silk durag (twice), which is quite similar to tying a bow tie.

The process is easy. Start with the single knot at the end of your silk durag and tie it to itself in an upward direction. Now, tie a double knot at the end of your second silk durag, and now, again, tie it to itself in a downward direction.

Repeat this until you get to the end and then repeat this process as many times as necessary until you reach your desired length.

Step 5: Fold up flap if desired

 The flap will now be hanging down your neck underneath the ties. So, Getting a silk durag to fit your head is a little bit tricky and you need to follow some specific steps.

There are basically 2 ways of getting the silk durag to sit on your forehead, first way is by folding it up, and the second way is by tying it in front of your forehead.

Pulldown the back flap and adjust it properly. Try to pull it gently, now tuck in the flap neck underneath, and yup, you are done.

Another thing which helps to get the right size for you is that when you fold up the silk durag, it will become bigger in width, so make sure you have enough room for this when you are tying it up.

In order to be able to tie a silk durag properly, there are 3 things that should be present while unfolding & closing up: 1) cotton netting (looks very nice but has very thin thread if folded too much around), 2) elastic thread 4) thin plastic string (looks nice but has very small one string if folded too much around). The last thing which we need is a soft cloth or paper towel so that we can wipe away any glue residue there or any dust particles from our skin.

If we do that properly, there shouldn't be any problem at all! (Note: You can also buy some cheap high quality cotton fabric from the durag shop if you want!)

How to tie silk durag?

FAQ's on Silk durags:

Are velvet or silk Durags better?

Unlike traditional hair dryers and hair curlers, they can also be applied when your hair grows out of them. ... Although the linings containing each garment are velvet, the exterior of the garments' interiors is satin. Velvet has superior compression when combined with traditional silky durags and provides more vibrant shapes.

Can you iron a silk durag?

There is difficulty in working silk, in particular with softer fibers like cotton and silk, because. Spraying water down into a container can stop the product from clogging up and makes ironing easier. ... Usually silk can be ironed immediately as soon as it is washed down the garment.

Should you wear it tightly?

Yes, it should be tight from the respective sides but don't make it so tight that it stops blood flow there. This will weaken your follicles and your hair quality will become bad. So tie it on the back of your head gently not too weak, not too tight.

Can I share my durag with anyone?

No, you shouldn't share your durag with anyone. It will further damage your hair due to induced bacteria, dandruff etc.


So now we have discussed all the steps in detail to tie a silk durag. If you follow these steps properly, your durag would be tight, behind your ears, flap under your back head, and strings lying flat. There wouldn't be an issue at all.