How to tie red by kiss durag?
October 31, 2023

How to tie red by kiss durag?

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Durag is a very good accessory to keep your hair in good condition and also to protect your hair from UV Sun rays etc. But these all benefits are only possible if you know, how to tie the durag perfectly. so in this guide, we will try to understand, how to tie red by kiss doorag in the best way possible.

How to tie red by kiss durag?

What is Red by Kiss Durag:

Let's firstly understand,what is red by kiss durag. Red by kiss is a company that offers various durags and other items as well. It is referred to as the most silky durag in the world. They offers a wide range of doorag in most of the common colors.

The durag is best one size fits all. It is available in blue,pink, purple and many other colors. Red by kiss power durags are very famous. It takes care of your waves and moisture of the hair. So if you are in search of think and best satin durag then red by kiss is your go to choice.

Durag shop offers best red by kiss durags. Durag shop have kiss power wave silky durag, power wave silky satin durag.

How to tie Red by kiss durag:

Before you start wearing a durag, ensure your hair is smooth and saturated to stay away from any inconvenience. There may be many problems in your hair, such as:

  • In case of wet hair, dry them appropriately.
  • Apply small amount of any oil that suits you well.
  • You can also detangle your hair with help of brush.

Basically, these points are important if you want to have a great day, without facing any issues in your hair. All the products size are perfect for you, just you need them tie properly. There are many videos to learn that as well but make sure to follow the above instructions before wearing any item / product (durag).

1 : Put Durag on the head-

Place the red by kiss durag on your head and take care of middle crease. Make sure its line in between the eyebrows.

Put it up or down as per your convenience, although its super durable still place it at comfortable position to tie it good.

2 : Pull the ties backward-

Besides, take the long ties of the durag each in your grasp, and carry them behind your ears to the rear of your head, with the goal that they cross behind, and take them to the front of your head.

Basically, it is to strengthen the wide tails and make it more tight and graspy. So this is the most important step so as to strengthen durag.

Here you can also use a stylish cape to strengthen its grip even more. This will ensure more elasticity and comfortability. Let me know your opinion / recommendations in comment section on this point.

3 : Cross ties at forehead-

Because the strip is very long, so as to cover this, you have to tie the strip at forehead again. While carrying them to the front, ensure the ties are level to look awesome. Cross the ties at forehead also. Since they are texture ties, they can move up and give an untidy look. Ensure you don't pull the ties too firmly with the goal that they won't cause a cerebral pain.

4: Tie a Knote at back-

So now after covering the whole strip, at last you can tie a knote at back. This will ensure that the durag stays at its place. Unite the ties back by laying them level and tie a bunch. Try not to tie them too firmly with the goal that they will not be hard to eliminate. So, in easy words, you can tie them as per your competence and ability to handle.

5: Make a knote again-

You must agree that one knote to the longest durag is not sufficient at all. So, to make sure that durag is tightly firm, you have a make a loop knote.

This is the most important step that ensures the safety of your head and durag. so don't forget to make loop knote tightly.

6: Adjust the flap properly-

So after these steps, your durag will tie properly. That's why I said in beginning, our durags are one size fits all. Now, its time to adjust the flap properly. The product works best when you follow all steps properly. Adjust the flap is as important as the first step.

Don't do it roughly otherwise it will make you feel different. so, do it wisely.

7: Fold or leave Flap-

Now its up to you if you want to fold the flap below you tied the knote. It looks fine in both ways. See how it looks good to you and act accordingly. My recommendations would be, just try it once and see how it looks.

Assuming you're not happy with the fold resting your shoulders, you can move up the fold from the base and fold it inside the durag so it will not get free. On the off chance that the fold is long, you can integrate itself with a little knock and get them into the tie.

So this is how you can tie a red by kiss durag. The process is quite simple but red by kiss durag will surely make you look completely unique among your friends. one of our colleagues had worn it once and it was looking up to the mark. Once yu will try you will definitely agree.

How to tie red by kiss durag?

How to choose best Red by Kiss durags:

Hope the above guide help you learn, how to wear a red by kiss durag. There are many red by kiss durags available in market: red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange etc. The below guide is probably the best and I hope you may also like the same. Leave your message below if you like. So here are our best recommendations:

  1. If you are planning to purchase red by kiss durag then make sure it's thick and shiny, because it is considered to be the silkiest durag in the world.
  2. Always prefer to purchase it from reliable sites.
  3. It should meet your requirements (most important), decide your goal and order the products accordingly.

Most asked questions:

So these questions are asked a lot of time by durag users, so here are the answers. Hope these will help you make a better decision for making a purchase.

Is satin durag good for waves?

Durag Silks is made using polyethylene for comfort and warmth. This is a hair styling device for women needing 360 wave. Silky durag yields a good result in a longer duration compared to other materials. . In spite of this, the satin cloths do not perform exceptionally well in 360-degree surfing conditions.

Are silky satin durags good for waves?

Two satin-lined bags give an amazing cushioned cushion for bringing the waves in position and provide elasticity and opacity. The durag comes in several colors also. ... The drape feels nice and warm. Your hair will breathe.

So as your most of the queries are solved in this article, don't delay buying a durag for yourself now.