How to clean durag ?
August 27, 2023

How to clean durag ?

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Being popular since more than a decade, wearinga durag remains the most desired fashion statement. Each person has his/her durag fabric preference such as silk, velvet or satin. Although we love wearing do-rags, there is an important thing we should consider. It is about the cleanliness of our durags. Sometimes we keep wearing the same durags over and over again without knowing when we should wash or how to wash them. In this article, we are going to share first about “how to wash durags”; then the question to raise is “can I put my velvet durag in the washing machine?”, and finally, we will comment about “ can you wear your durag in the shower?”

How to clean durag ?

How to wash durags?

For any types of durags, it is very important to wash them regularly to prevent from scalp orskin diseases, which we can catch when it is too dirty. However, it is always preferable if you handwash it. These are what we need to consider when washing it:

  • You can use any mild soap.
  • You would hand wash it.
  • Wash it as if you are washing a soft silk.
  • Make sure you get clear water before it is finished.

What are the steps for hand washing any durag?

  • First of all, always make sure that you always inform about the instructions labeled in the durag.
  • Take a bassin or use a sinkif you want and fill is with cool water.
  • It is better you use detergent than a soap to avoid more wrinkles on the durag and also to save the durability of the durag.
  • Put the durag in the water with detergent at let it soak there for about thirty minutes.
  • Press it gently and avoid scrubing or twisting. Always press gently until it is clean.
  • Change the water for new clean water and repeat the process of pressing until it is completely clean.
  • Now that it is clean, use a drying rack to air-dry it.
  • Always remember to manipulate your durag softly if you want it to last for a long time.

Can I put my velvet durag in the washing machine?

As opposite to other durags, velvet durags are very specific and have very delicate fabrics.

Here are some characteristics of velvet durags, which dissuade us to use washing machine to wash them.

How to clean durag ?

What are velvet durags made of? Why are they more special if compared to the other durags?

Velvet durags are not like the other form-fitting headbands which are mostly made of only one fabric. This type of headgear is made of two different turbans, the outside is made of velvet fabric and inside is made of silky satin. Satin is made of both polished glitter (top) and flat (back) sides. This spandex does not last longer than velvet in terms of durability. Yet they are textured and sewn together to make your hairstyle perfect inside and make you look luxurious outside. On the other side, people often confound velvet textile with velour fabric and velveteen apparel. Velour is made of organic cotton fabric, plush, which are somehow thickbut also stretchy. Velvet is more crushed, cut and woven. Some velvet are made from polyester and others are made from pure velvet cloth with shinny satin, rayon or silkwhich are better if you only hand wash them with detergent not using a washing machine. Washing machine may damage the originality of its fabrics. So, if you want your velvet to last longer, avoid using washing machine.

Can you wear your durag in the shower?

This is a kind of question I am sure you are asking. And you are right!

Before having a shower or applying shampoo or having your hair washed. Take first a quick account of what you should or should not do.

If you want more style or care more about your hair by creating waves, the best is to place your durag on your head while you are having a shower. It doesn't mind if it is warm or cold.

Select and buy the best product for your hair. Proceed cleaning and brushing it well and then, wearing the item on your head and keep it not very tight to prevent hair loss.


In conclusion, wearing the type of clothing named “durags” is good and there are quite lots of information and materialswe need to consider.

I strongly hope that this post helps you to delete all negative doubts about washing durags.