Can you put silk durags in the dryer?
August 23, 2023

Can you put silk durags in the dryer?

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Whatever you do, do not put your velvet or silky durag in the dryer. It can cause shrinkage of the durag and destroy the silky texture. Then hang any garment you've machine washed and let it dry completely.

For all the durag lovers, By now, you are aware of the products and equipment you'll require to keep your curls at bay and your hair safe. The most crucial item to include is a silk/velvet durag. Since waves need to be cleaned, moisturized and tied by a durag, they will accumulate gunk, dirt, and a great deal of build-up from the product. 

That's why I'm sure you're wondering what is the best way to clean the durag or can you wash a durag in the washer? The following information will help you relax.

Can you put silk durags in the dryer?

How to wash the durag:

There are some general instructions to wash the du rag. Always prefer hand wash over a washing machine. Use lukewarm water for quarantine clean at low temperature. If opting for a machine washing, always go for a light cycle wash. Give it a gentler cleanse because its fabrics are delicate. let's now see all the steps in detail:

1. Use luke warm water

Always use luke warm water for washing a durag, it is highly recommended because it allows enough room for water splashes to flow, without spilling over during washing.

2. Add the washing detergent

Generally, it is preferable to wash a durag with hands. But if somehow you have issues, you can use the washing machine on the hand wash cycle mode.

In both cases, you need to use a mild detergent. Pour a tablespoon of wash detergent into the wash. Mix the detergent with the water until it disintegrates in the event that it is needed.

3. Clean the durag

If you notice any stains on the silk durag that require treatment apply a small quantity of soap on the stained area and let it sit for 5 minutes. Durag has delicate fibers and it is made of quality natural silk, so it requires a gentle wash.

Make sure you do not rub in roughly, always use a slow spin cycle for it. This will allow avoid destroying the fabric of your silk durag.

Untie the durag, then put it into the bucket. The water will be agitated with a gentle rub on the durag immersed in the pool of water. If possible you can soak it ideally overnight, otherwise, at least allow the rag to sit for about 20 mins.

4. Rinse and dry the durag

Take the durag out of the bucket and wash underwater that is lukewarm until the water is clear and then gently squeeze any excess water out of the durag, and hang it in a warm dry area. Let the durag completely dry, perhaps overnight, before wrapping your hair once more.

Can you put silk durags in the dryer?

FAQ's about silk durag:

Does durag help in wave formation?

Durags are the most effective method to guard your locks from the lint and frizz while you sleep particularly for medium to short locs. 

Made from soft and light material, they're an air-tight solution. It is possible to could tie your durag tightly as you want to in order to prevent it from falling off.

Sleeping with durag in dreads?

Tieing before going to bed when you're placing the durag on your head, you need to ensure sure that it's inside-out. If you don't leave the seam to the head area, you may create impressions on your hair that could cause damage to the 360 curls.

Can you put durag in dryer?

No, you cannot put durag in the dryer. It will destroy your durag. You should even not wash it in washing machine. Always try to give it a hand wash.

Should we air dry the durag?

Yes, air dry is a big must for a silk durag to get back its luster. You shouldn't be using a dryer to dry it. It will show a good impact in the short term but will destroy silk durag or velvet durag in the long run. It is made of lightweight material, so sun dry prevents pore clogging and makes it ready to be worn again. Wait till it fully dry and then use it as normal.

Final remarks:

So, this was a quick guide addressing your question upon washing a silk durag. I hope, most of the questions got answered about the washing cycle of durags. If you follow this guide you can give a more gentler cleanse to your durag.

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